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A story about tech and team, about harmonization and knowledge and about marketing goals.

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Working in a highly dynamic environment, our story has always been characterized by change. When esome started in 2015, we believed in the potential of social advertising and were keen to steer advertisers' success on Facebook. By then, Facebook advertising was new to many marketers and campaign handling on Facebook in self-service required expert knowledge as well as pioneering spirit, but it seemed promising in terms of campaign success. We were able to rapidly gain expertise which did not only enable advertisers to gain first experiences with social advertising but also granted great campaign results.

Soon and as expected, advertising became possible on more and more social networks: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube opened their platforms for self-service advertising and proved to be effective. Together with our clients, we gathered valuable experiences in these complex and dynamic environments. Moreover, we managed to connect our proprietary tool with more and more platforms, giving us the chance to handle campaigns on multiple platforms and placement more efficiently. Our expertise, both in technical integration and campaign handling, was recognized by the platforms in making us official partner.

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While advertising opportunities became increasingly advanced on the established platforms, new platforms like Snapchat and tumblr entered the market. Auction-based media buying, full-funnel approaches and complex campaign setups became our home turf and the deeper we dived into advertisers‘ challenges the better we understood that the variety of opportunities in social and digital advertising was simply overwhelming. So, a thought started to grow in our minds: why not use our dedicated experience with goal-oriented campaigns in complex environments to simplify digital advertising in a way that helps advertisers to easily reach their marketing goals?

Today we can reach 99% percent of online users with digital advertising on all social networks and programmatic inventory, including all digital inventory belonging to the ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE universe. We provide advertisers with guaranteed results that directly contribute to their marketing success and we advise them on media buying strategies that are aligned with their business goals.

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As much as change has characterized our story, some constants in our DNA will always characterize us: we believe that a team of awesome people with expert knowledge can take us and our clients anywhere and we will always harmonize inventory with our own independent technology to ultimately help advertisers' achieving their marketing in the most effective and efficient way. Achieving marketing goals with digital advertising has never been as complex as today. Still, we make media work.