ELI Suite

ELI is an agile and powerful software, that facilitates planning, executing and optimizing advertising campaigns, harmonized and effectively through direct access to all social networks. Be it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn or tumblr. - all options of the native tools are available in one place. The reason why we believe to have the best tech solution for you? - Day by day the biggest and most experienced team of Social Media experts works on ELI for more than 200 clients and contribute to the continuous improvement of ELI.

One for all and all for one

All relevant social media platforms connected for the execution of advertisement and all essential information relating the campaign at a glance -  we created exactly that with our ELI-Suite. 
We developed an unique tool, which does not only simplify internal processes, but also enables us to react on our client's needs more efficient and agile. No confusing calculations sheets, but an intuitive tool, which does not only provide the possibility to set up creatives and granular targeting audiences, but also to overlook the budgeting and performance of audiences separately. This overall view at all campaigns and parameter is the perfect foundation for a consistent optimization of advertising campaigns and the client's objectives. 


The execution of campaigns through our tool works across all platforms. Campaigns can be optimized to previously defined marketing objectives and can be executed to highly granular targeting audiences. With that we are able to address your audience exactly where the hightest advertising impact can be reached. The interface of our Suite and the platforms are ideally harmonized. This way we can provide smooth processes and execute multi-platform campaigns for you. You benefit from an impeccable campaign execution and we benefit from a constantly increasing efficiency, which again will benefit you, our client. 

Budget Manager

With the help of our ELI-Suite we are able to neatly manage campaign budgets and examine all relevant performance indicators for a successful campaign development at a glance. Our tool relies on a self-developed algorithm, which enables us to allocate budgets with just one click, following different marketing objectives. This is the driving force for a fast and optimal adjustment of budgets to current developments. Thereby we make sure to make the most of the advertising budgets und deliver more than satisfying results for our clients. Let our tool work for you.  

ELI goes Programmatic

Our team constantly works on the development of our Suite and pushes innovations which forward the execution of campaigns to be even more efficient and extensive. That is why we are also able to execute advertisment in programmatic environments and supervise those campaigns through our tool by now. Furthermore we have the possibilities to deliver advertisment in video- and addressable-TV environments, as well. The constant optimization of our own technology and the partnership with P7S1 create innovative opportunities to exploit new advertising inventory, to improve our competence in that field and enables us to cater even more precise to our client's advertising needs. 

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