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esome Market Insights Q3 | 2019

esome Market Insights Q3 | 2019

  • Market development: Increasing advertising expenditure in late summer
  • Highlights: Strongest month on Pinterest since opening for advertisers
  • Learning: Purposeful use of granular targeting options on Facebook
  • Forecast: Black Friday already casts its shadows ahead

The esome Market Insights illustrate the market and price development of the past quarter by means of advertising campaigns implemented by esome on social networks. In addition, they summarize the highlights on the social platforms for advertisers. Advertisers can use the Market Insights to generate lessons for their own activities and get an outlook on the development of the social media market. Market Insights Q3|2019 thus serve advertisers as orientation for future campaigns on the interactive platforms.

Price development in the third quarter of 2019

The third quarter of the year saw rather moderate advertising spending with a surprisingly high increase from July to August. The overall moderate advertising expenditure was reflected in the price development across the various advertising objectives. Despite a slight increase in budgets for branding campaigns, prices remained constant. The increase in branding budgets was accompanied by a reduction in advertising expenditure for performance campaigns. This led to a six percent decline in prices for performance inventories.

Strongest month on Pinterest since opening for advertisers

A few months after the market launch in Germany, Pinterest is gaining more and more ground in the media plans of advertisers. Video campaigns, in particular, convinced with attractive results, which is why more than half of the advertising budget on Pinterest was spent on this format in the past quarter. Further growth at Pinterest is expected for the fourth quarter, as the visual search engine will also benefit from the seasonal nature of the advertising industry and the Christmas business.

Purposeful use of granular targeting options on Facebook

A targeting analysis of the past quarter showed that advertisers do not always use the extensive possibilities for creating age- and gender-specific target groups when planning campaigns. The extent to which the granular data should be used in target group creation always depends on the individual campaign and the specific advertising objective: targeting must match the campaign objective.

Black Friday already casts its shadows ahead

The third quarter was characterized by a moderate but constant development of advertising spend at the previous year's level. However, the increase in advertising expenditure in October was 31 percent higher than in the previous year. This above-average start to the last quarter of the year suggests that the Christmas season will be busy this year.

Download the Market Insights Q3|2019 here.

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