esome Social Advertising Price Index Q2|2016

esome publishes the social media price index for the second quarter in 2016. The index represents price developments of the previous quarters and operates as benchmark due to advertising campaigns implemented by esome.

Being a fully integrated Twitter Ads Partner with complete API access esome advertising is able to display the whole Twitter ads inventory with the proprietary tool since April 2016. In the course of Q2 2016 esome was thus able to build up a valid data basis for Twitter advertising campaigns to use it additionally to the Facebook and Instagram data for this price index.

Generally one can register that advertising spending on the platforms that are reflected in the price index have grown and already exceeded the spending level of Q4 2015. The average CPM is on an all-time high, as well as the average CTR. The CPLC remained on a constantly low level.

On Facebook the increasing importance of Mobile Newsfeed respectively the shrinking relevance of Desktop placments (Dekstop Newsfeed and Righ-Hand Side) is remarkable. An alteration for Video Link Ads caused an increase of the CTR in Newsfeed – due to a constantly visible CTA-button users click more on these ads than before. The CPM rose on all Facebook placements and reached an all-time high in Q2 2016.

Advertising budgets on Instagram continue to rise and exceeded the level on Q4 2015 in Q2 2016. This growth caused a slight increase in CPM while CTR recovered a little after a huge drop during the turn of the year and increased slightly as well.

The Twitter data of the previous quarter represent the basis for further observations of platform trends. So far numbers show that, compared to other platforms, Twitter is a better fit for branding than for performance campaigns. High attention branding formats, great interaction rates and precise event-based targeting account for the Twitter‘s attractiveness.

The relevance of video formats is still rising which is also visible in the high growth of advertising budgets invested in these formats. Though the average video length sank to 22,7 seconds the VRT slighty sank and the cost per view (3 secs. and 10 secs.) rose.

The budgets of the body care industry grow continuously which is why the industry is considered seperately in this price index for the first time. A constantly rising CTR is very striking for this industry, caused by an incremental use of interactive formats such as carousel ads.


Twitter numbers will further be considered in the upcoming price index on the current quarter to observe the changes and developments on this platform continuously. Furthermore different ad formats such as carousel ads and others will be considered seperately just as video
ads have been considered in the past.

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