Facebook: The network for friends

Facebook’s significance for online media has strongly increased in recent years as it developed from a fan- & like community to a performance- & brand channel. The platform dominates the social media landscape and not only by its monthly growing user. By now Facebook offers a variety of ad formats and targeting possibilities to reach the implementation of agreed objectives.

Facebook is suited for campaigns throughout the whole marketingfunnel. Whether performance or branding – it has an ad format which leads to the desired results for every campaign objective.

Because of the variety of ad formats - from photo to videos and GIFs - and detailed targeting options, audiences can be reached efficiently on Facebook. Targeting is possible via the standardized user information such as sociodemographic and geogrpahic characteristics as well as hard- and software, activities or custom audiences. Facebook is distinguished by a high user intensity and reach as well as a heterogeneous user community. They can be reached by distinctive ad formats, for example via Canvas AdLead Ad or Collection Ad, or via the Facebook Audience Network and Instagram.

  • What are Canvas Ads?

The Canvas Ad is a multi-functional, interactive and full-screen format. The user are lead to the Canvas (landing page) which consists of different optional combinations of videos, pictures, Call-to-Action-Buttons, product portfolio and Carousel Ads by an ad within their Newsfeed.

  • What are Lead Ads?

Newsletter-subscriptions can be promoted directly through Lead Ads. Facebook Lead Ads simplify the registration process by pre-filled forms with the help of Facebook user data. Ideally the expression of interest takes two clicks only. 

  • What are Collection Ads?

The Collection Ad is an ad format which combines a video or image with two to four further product images, that links to a product catalog with up to 50 images on Facebook. An inspirational video or image is shown alongside of products to create attention. Interested customers will be led to the website or app to continue their purchase. Due to an inspirational presentation of well combined products the likelihood of an actual purchase increases. In addition Collection Ads support the mobile purchase experience by a fast loading product catalog on Facebook.      

Facebook is the most important social media platform and driver of social media advertising worldwide. As a platform partner we are constantly communicating with the platform and help in the best way possible to place innovations and news within our team.

                                                                                          - Janna and Simon, esome platform partner

Janna and Simon are our internal platform partner for Facebook and therefore the first contact point concerning Facebook campaigns. Our platform partners operate as a kind of encyclopedia and collect all there is to know about the respective platform. New formats, features and future platform developments and changes are their area of expertise. We are in direct contact with the platform and continuously intensify our collaboration. This expertise enables us to advise our clients comprehensively and to optimize social media campaigns holistically. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the ad formats and targeting options on Facebook. We are more than happy to support you with your Social Media campaigns!

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