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YouTube: The video platform

YouTube is the largest platform for uploading, sharing and evaluating videos. The platform clearly dominates the online video market and provides many attractive ad formats. YouTube focuses on the allocation and reckoning of user generated content as well as professionally generated videos. So YouTube is the worldwide largest social network for consuming and sharing of video content and it advanced to a major branding channel due to high reach, good targeting options and diverse ad formats. 

YouTube as branding channel is especially embossed by visual communication, high content distribution and large user engagement. The platform is also suitable for performance campaigns due to direct scalability on target metrics, link-outs and retargeting options. Targeting on basis of specific keywords is just one of many special features and it is similar to Google Adwords. In addition the ad setup via YouTube is also possible on Google Display Network which increases reach.

As the number one video streaming platform in the world, YouTube offers advertisers a great way to get in touch with relevant users. Whether the focus is on branding or performance, YouTube supports advertisers in achieving overarching marketing goals with huge international reach and a variety of advertising options.

                                                                                       - Katharina & Madeleine, esome platform partner

Our internal platform partners for YouTube are Katharina and Madeleine. Our platform partners operate as a kind of encyclopedia and collect all there is to know about the respective platform. New formats, features and future platform developments and changes are their area of expertise. We are in direct contact with the platform and continuously intensify our collaboration. This expertise enables us to advise our clients comprehensively and to optimize social media campaigns holistically.  

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the ad formats and targeting options on YouTube. We are more than happy to support you with your Social Media campaigns!

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