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Esome Advertising is one of Germany’s leading social advertising agencies. We use various automated optimization approaches for our customers. Read more at

Esome Advertising takes your privacy seriously

Esome Advertising offers its customers to target targeting campaigns with the help of so-called “cookies” to provide consumers with more relevant and useful advertising. The collected data are completely anonymous, ie no information on which end users can be identified by us is stored. We take the protection of your privacy very seriously and ensure that the applicable German data protection regulations are complied with. For more information on our privacy policy, please visit Esome Advertising has joined the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) in accordance with the OBA framework (“Online Behavioral Advertising”). We equip our advertising campaigns with the

-symbol to provide end users with an easy way to provide information about behavioral advertising and opt-out

For more information, please visit the EDAA website

Do you no longer want to show any suitable ads?

You always have the possibility to tell our system that your anonymous statistical data is not to be used for the display control. Please note that you can still display general advertising that is not directed to you.

If you do not want Esome Advertising to show you matching ads, you can disable this in the following.

Please note that the “opt-out” function is also displayed via cookies. If you delete the cookies or use other computers in your internet browser, you may have to re-register via the “opt-out” function.

You also have the option, to decide against the data collection for your further browse course with an "opt-out"-cookie of The Trade Desk Inc.
With the following link you can tell the sytsem, that a targeted display control should be disabled on other pages for you as well:

Please note that you may still continue to receive advertising, but it may be less relevant.
Furthermore, if you delete cookies, use another browser or computer, you might have to re-register via the "opt-out" function once again.