esome launches intelligent weather targeting feature

Posted on March 31, 2017

esome advertising launches a new weather targeting feature which enables esome to adjust social media campaigns subject to local weather conditions. The new targeting feature supports all Facebook as well as Instagram formats. 

The success of advertising is highly dependent on external conditions. One rather obvious being the current weather condition. Still in most cases weather cannot be reflected in campaigns, as it is highly localized and can change quickly.

Imagine for example the first sunny days of spring with temperatures increasing. Advertising your newest spring fashion collection, the newest convertible or just a refreshing beverage can gain significant relevance if linked to external conditions like weather. Or what about a sudden change of weather in April from sun to pouring rain? If you are a travel company offering a sunny destination right at that time, it might increase the desire for an exotic location dramatically.

We at esome continuously think of how we can make your advertising efforts more relevant – and our newest local weather targeting feature offers you the opportunity to make use of exactly that: the local weather conditions. Now, your ads can automatically be triggered by local weather and forecasts.

Our new feature supports all Facebook and Instagram campaigns, as well as the latest formats such as Instagram Stories Ads. Your ads will be displayed based on the user’s location and the corresponding weather, e.g. a custom temperature range and clustered weather conditions like rainy, cloudy or sunny.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us for more details and we help you to define an individual campaign setup using our new weather targeting!

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