Less is more: Which channel suits my marketing objectives best?

Posted on July 18, 2017

The social media world is chaning permanently and becomes more complex as new platforms enter the market. Almost on a daily basis innovations require fundamental knowledge about the different social networks and the comprehension of how to use them wisely. 

Social networks often are underrated or not properly used - even though a rising number of user indicate the relevance of social networks. Instead of deploying every single platform, companies should try to only use relevant channels to support their social media appearance.

Besides the "blue top dog", Facebook, the biggest social media platform with almost 1.9 billion active user worlwide [1] and many different possibilities to adress audiences, other social media platforms are gaining in importance, as well. Even tough a huge share of advertisement budget is still invested in Facebook, different platforms are streaking. 

For example Instagram became essential for advertisers, as they are able to pilot this media sharing platform programmatically since 2015. Due to the focus on visual content, the micro-blogging format is very useful for brand campaigns.

Social media channels such as Snapchat, Pinterest and tumblr also have their focus on visual content. That is why these platforms developed throughout the past years and became more important for branding attempts, like e.g. storytelling.

The "live-performer", Twitter is indispensable for live markting, second screen and branding campaigns. This micro blogging platform focusses on current topics and offers a public space to discuss both, with individuals as well as different institutions such as companies or organisations.

Last but not least, global and national B2B platforms like LinkedIn and Xing, provide channels to connect colleagues, companies and business partners. Because of the networking on a professional base, these channels qualify for employer brandning campaigns.

Despite or especially because of the constant development of digital platforms and the therefore linked differentiation of social networks, it is important not to be present on every channel, but to use those which are relevant for the proper audience.


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