Website Custom Audiences explained

Posted on July 18, 2017

One of the supreme disciplines in Marketing is winning new customers: first of all, the potentially new customers have to be indicated to the portfolio of the advertiser and have to be convinced, that this is exactly what they require to fulfill their needs. At this point it is a lot more easy to adress people, who have already been active or purchased something on the providers website. Through Facebook Retargeting providers have a lot of different possibilities to (re-)activate their clients or interested user. 

Facebook offers the perfect base for advertising campaigns because of its a high share in active user and a global reach of 25 percent. In its characteristic as a Log-In environment, Facebook is able to use its users behaviour and offer very granular targeting-options to advertisers. Alternatively or additionally providers can also use their own data to precisely apporach to Facebook user. 

Every company's website appearance commands unique information about their visitors, because they are leaving tracks. These information about the user's behaviour on the website can be made anonymous and be used to contact the user again for advertising purposes on Facebook. 

During the last years, Facebook equipped this feature significantly, so not only an interative designation of user is possible, but also the classification of user following individual parameter is now possible as well. This way, different groups can be built, e.g. of user who were highly interested in the advertisers' products but did not purchase anything. The so called Website Custom Audience (WCA) can consist of user who drop out during the shopping process, even though they already have items in their shopping basket, or of user who have frequently visited certain areas on the website. To approach the different customers again, advertisers can individually define the characteristics of valueable audiences.

Besides the ultilization of retargeting, the Website Custom Audiences have more applications as well. An audience of all previous buyers can improve the campaign's results extensively, as recent buyers can be excluded from further advertisments. Thereby advertisers can be assure that customers for whom the advertisment is not relevant anymore won't see it. Furthermore the WCA can function as base to construct statistical twins. These twins can be used to approach user on Facebook, as in all likelihood they will execute the same actions as the basis Audience. Considering the nearly endless targeting-options on Facebook, the value of the company's own data might be forgotten. Nevertheless looking at the targeting-options, the relevance and value connected to gaining data on their own is more than recommended. 

A quick WCA overview can be found here.

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