5 tips to become a social media advertising expert

Posted on June 04, 2018

Job titles in online marketing are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow. In such a relatively young and dynamic industry, much is being redefined. However, this means that two companies can describe completely different roles with the same job title, for example in social media marketing.

The field of social media marketing has different facets: There are so-called organic measures, that keep many creative people and community managers busy with creating target group-oriented content for company profiles on the social networks and moderating users’ activities. Moreover, influencer marketing has become an established advertising tool, especially in the area of social media. And last but not least, social media marketing offers conventional media advertising on social as well. In this area of social media marketing, advertising inventories is given to advertisers based on algorithm-based real-time auctions. Sounds complicated? It is, and that's why social media advertising experts - or SMA experts for short - are needed. They are familiar with existing platforms, advertising formats, targeting options and bid strategies. In addition, they know what to do to achieve the lowest prices in the auction and the greatest advertising effectiveness. What it takes to become an SMA expert is retained in the following five tips.

1. Hang in there

The social advertising universe is always in motion. The platforms regularly adapt their offerings to the needs of users and advertisers, new platforms appear on the scene, while other platforms struggle to keep pace. As an SMA expert, you need to be aware of all these developments to be able to propose innovative, modern and appropriate strategies that contribute advertisers’ marketing goals at all times. For this purpose, a one-time training won’t be sufficient. If you want to stay up to date, you should look for sources that help you to inform yourself regularly about new developments.

2. Compare notes

One of these sources of information can and should be other SMA experts. With the abundance and frequency of innovations on social networks, it is almost impossible to be fit in any subject at any time. Nevertheless, you might have to immerse yourself into a new topic quickly because the client or your manager wants to try a new feature or a new platform. In this case, it helps if you can benefit from other SMA experts’ experience and learn a few tricks in the implementation or details about best practices.

3. Be creative

Even if an SMA expert is not the person producing video spots for an advertising campaign or determining the colour of an ad, that does not mean that you can not be creative as an SMA expert. Creativity is not necessarily limited to the creation of artistic imagery and humorous texts –  also campaign strategies can be creative. For example, to provide a new or inventive approach to solving a problem or achieving a goal. Bringing together the conditions of each platform with advertiser requirements and the creative agency's vision may also require some creativity here and there.

4. Let five be straight

Advertisers are often overwhelmed by the dynamics and complexity of social advertising. They do not always have the resources to build their own expertise - that's why they hire an expert. The deeper you dive into the subject as an SMA expert, the more important it becomes to be indulgent with everyone who is not that much involved in the matter. Both parties benefit from the collaboration when the expert updates the advertiser frequently and ensures that both are on the same level of knowledge when discussing new topics with each other.

5. Be a nerd

Nerds do not exist in marketing? Not quite true! People with a high affinity in numbers, who love working with large Excel sheets in order to identify interdependencies and significant factors for campaign optimization, are best installed in social advertising. The social networks offer a wide range of different performance indicators that need to be understood, that partially influence each other, and that can be optimized by changing campaign settings. Therefore, it does not hurt to familiarize yourself with the topic thoroughly.

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