Small budget, great achievement? Hyperlocal targeting makes it possible. | esome Case Study

Posted on October 25, 2018

Generating brand attention and increasing recognition at DMEXCO by targeting marketing professionals precisely in a certain location at certain times during the tradeshow days. With this approach we accompanied DMEXCO visitors with different creatives throughout their DMEXCO days, using our own technology

A strong campaign does not necessarily require a large budget. Even more important are a careful planning and preparation of the campaign.Especially with event-related campaigns, the combination of hyper-local targeting with ad activation rules offers great opportunities to generate relevant impressions and a great reach within a certain target group.

With an one-week campaign for DMEXCO 2018,we accompanied DMEXCO visitors with different creatives throughout their DMEXCO days, using our own technology. In the pre-event phase, we created awareness and a brand uplift for esome while activating tradeshow visitors to recognize us at DMEXCO. In the second campaign phase we used a hyperlocal targeting focusing on German- and English-speaking marketing professionals to reach DMEXCO visitors at specific locations and certain times while the tradeshow was taking place in Cologne. We combined ad activation rules with local targeting, addressing users within a radius below 1 km around three main locations. By playing eight different, daytime related creatives at three different locations in Cologne (citycenter/ airport/fair grounds) over three days, we built a story that accompanied DMEXCO visitors for the duration of the tradeshow.

Overall, 48.715 impressions were generated during pre and main DMEXCO phase. Executing a video campaign for only 510€ focusing on awareness lead to an ad recall lift of 8% - before DMEXCO even started. Using a hyperlocal targeting during dmexco, over one third of all dmexco visitors in 2018 could be reached in just three days by spending only 270€.


Download the case study in our knowledge center.

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