Networking for more platform diversity

Posted on September 24, 2018

On the eve of dmexco 2018, representatives of multiple social networks met above the rooftops of Cologne to learn tips and tricks for a successful entry into the German digital advertising market.

The variety of social networks is huge and every network has a different purpose for their users: cultivate friendships, inform themselves, share moments and thoughts in real-time, stay connected, take part in the lives of others, get inspired and inspire others, find new ideas and much more. This gives every social network a permanent spot in the social universe and a right to exist. But a right to exist does not pay the bills, so besides pointing out their usefulness for users social networks also need to convince those of their platform advantages that should drive the platform's turnover: advertisers. 

To assist platforms convincing advertisers of their advantages, we invited multiple representatives of social networks that (are about to) enter the German market for a networking event. Here, they had the opportunity to exchange views with our Social Advertising experts in Cologne prior to the dmexco. Working with advertisers from major industries for several years now, we were able to gather lots of valuable insights that we wanted to pass along with this event to platform representatives of Twitch or Jodel for example. 

For example the importance of considerung national peculiarities, like the German sensivity in terms of personal data, for the success of a market entry. For us it is intuitive to consider data privacy in business models, but platforms from other countries first need to learn that data privacy issues can seriously harm business success in Germany. Moreover, it's good to know that considerung the German efficiency in processes pays off and that it is always helpful to have a good answer to the question "What do I get for my money?".  

The more explicit the platforms' USPs and the lower the hurdles of collaboration the more likey is a successful market entry. Low hurdles for collaboration begin with easy platform access for advertisers as well as a stable infrastructure. They can be furtherly lowered by aligning ad formats, metrics, measurement partners etc. with industry standards. Beyond that, media agencies and specialists can act as a broker and help platforms to connect the advantages of their network with other media channels, so building relationships into the direction of agencies also pays off. Finally, constant education of advertisers and partners increases the understanding of the platform, its use cases and advantages. Considering these simple tips can already increase the probability of success for  ambitious social networks significantly. 

At our event above the rooftops of Cologne, platform representatives were able to prepare their dmexco visit with these helpful tips. Of course we did not only want to provide knowledge but also to spend a nice evening with our partners before everyone jumped into dmexco madness. For this reason, everyone could learn how to mix the perfect Mojito with our friends from Cocktails NRW and enjoy it afterwards on the rooftop terrace of Rooftop 58.  

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