Platform News December 2018

Posted on December 13, 2018

Facebook announced Custom Audience update, Snapchat launched Shows in Germany, Pinterest launched a new advertising format and Youtube tested a new ad format - A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month. Read more about the latest features on social media platforms.


Facebook rolled out a new aspect ratio for images of its Link Ad format: Additional to the 1:1.91 ratio advertisers now have the possibility to use a 1:1 image within their Link Ads. This option has been already available for Video Ads adapting perfectly to mobile devices using more space of the vertical screen.

Facebook announced Custom Audience updates: Earlier this year, Facebook introduced several changes to Custom Audiences, including the removal of reach estimates to prevent potential misuse of the functionality. While this was necessary, these updates have put challenges to advertisers and partners. The platform now announced further updates to reduce frictions of creating and using Custom Audiences. One update concerns the visibility of audience sizes. Facebook found new ways to preserve the integrity of its platform and the privacy of users and as a result advertisers will now be able to see audience size estimates for Custom Audiences in the Audiences tab and Marketing API again. Further the Custom Audience Overlap tool will be accessible again. Saved Audiences containing Custom Audiences will still not be able to see size estimates. The rollout should be done until December.


Snapchat launched Shows in Germany: Snapchat expanded its content offering in Germany and added 9 partners and 10 Shows to its Discover section. These include formats like 'BILD Fußball', 'Luke - the Week and Me' and 'Promiflash'. All partners are professional content producers, mostly publishing houses, including Axel Springer - BILD, Brainpool TV, Celebrity News, funk, Load Studios, Onefootball, SPIEGEL, Tastemade or of the ZEIT Verlag. The first Shows are already live on the platform and advertisers have the possibility to place Snap Ads. In 2019 Snapchat will further expand its advertising possibilities and introduce a new format called 'Commercials'. Commercials are unskippable Ads that will be placed exclusively within Shows.


Pinterest launched a new advertising format called Promoted Carousel: The format can be compared to other platform’s Carousel Ads, featuring up to five swipable images in one single Pin. Each image can include a separate title, description and landing page, so that advertisers get new possibilities to tell their stories and highlight many facets of a product or brand. According to a Millward Brown brand lift study, the format led to higher engagement and click through rates as well as an overall lift in brand awareness, making it to a perfect advertising solution for branding, traffic and conversion campaigns. Promoted Carousel is available for all business accounts in each of Pinterest’s ad markets, including France since the beginning of this month.


YouTube started to test a new ad format called Ad Pods: Ad Pods are two ads stacked back to back where viewers have the option to skip directly to the content if the ads are not relevant. According to Google this solution makes sense because users seeing two ads in a row are less likely to be interrupted by ads later. In fact, users will experience up to 40 percent fewer interruptions by ads in that session. First campaigns resulted in an 8 to 11 percent increase in unique reach and a 5 to 10 percent increase in frequency for advertisers. Ad Pods will be launched on desktop until the end of this year. It will be followed by mobile and TV screens, aiming to accommodate viewer preferences while continuing to help advertisers connect with their most important audiences.

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