Plattform News November 2018

Posted on November 06, 2018

New buying options and optimization options on Facebook, roll out of Snap Originals and Shoppable Snap Ads on Snapchat, new advertising formats and targeting options on Twitter and YouTube -A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month! Read more about the latest features on Facebook & Co.


Facebook will launch new buying options for video: As the platform recently announced, advertisers were interested in buying videos on a fixed impression cost (CPM) and on a Nielsen verified Target Rating Point (TRP) basis. To meet these needs, Facebook will introduce new buying solutions for In-Stream Ads. These can be compared to Google Preferred and Google True View and are called In-Stream Reserve and ThruPlay on Facebook: In-Stream Reserve allows advertisers to reach people watching video especially light TV viewers from a selection of the most engaging, highest quality publishers and creators. Placements will be bought in advance and delivered to in-target audiences that will be verified by Nielsen. With In-Stream Reserve Categories advertisers can choose specific content categories as packages like sports or fashion. At the moment, this buying option is available for advertisers targeting US audiences. With ThruPlay advertisers can optimize and pay only for ads that were watched to completion or at least for 15 seconds. It is available for all video placements in Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, including Stories. ThruPlay is in the rollout and will be available globally within Ads Manager for auction and Reach & Frequency soon.
With esome, advertisers already got the possibility to buy completed video views across all social media platforms. If you are interested in buying videos watched to completion, even longer than 15 seconds, approach your individual contact person at esome.

Facebook Ads can now link to WhatsApp: As announced in one of our previous issues, advertisers can now create ads that click through to WhatsApp. By choosing the Messages objective in Ads Manager advertisers can create a call-to-action button and set WhatsApp as a destination. Brands have to keep in mind that they will need a business account on WhatsApp to use the functionality.

Retention Optimization for Mobile App Install Campaigns available: Facebook rolled out Retention Optimization to help app advertisers activate users who might be highly engaged and likely to return to their app. Retention Optimization is a new optimization type for App Install Ads that enables advertisers to deliver ads to people who are more likely to open an app on either day 2 or day 7 after installing. With four new metrics in Ads Manager, advertisers can also see how their App Install Ads are optimized for day 2 or day 7 retention. Retention optimization is simple to launch and does not require any additional implementation if the Facebook SDK (or equivalent SDK from a Mobile Measurement Partner) is installed.

Facebook Attribution is now available to all advertisers: The new measurement tool is free to use and helps advertisers measure the impact of ads across the Facebook family of apps and services and across publishers. With it comes a new data-driven attribution model, where advertisers can assess how their ads are contributing to incremental business results compared to if they were not running ads. Further, to gain a better understanding of an audience’s digital journey, the cross-device reporting shows the device your customers engaged on with your ads as well as where they converted.


Ahead of the holiday shopping season, Snapchat is about to roll out new e-commerce ads: According to Marketing Land, Shoppable Snap Ads will be available via the platform’s self service tool soon. Advertisers will get the option to import their product catalogs and create ads directly from it. Shoppable Snap Ads allow brands to feature several products in one single ad and the format will work with new pixel targeting options letting advertisers dynamically retarget users who already showed interest in their products. As soon as there is an official statement on the launch date we will let you know.

Snapchat introduced 'Snap Originals': As Snapchat struggles to grow under Instagram’s competition it needs new reasons for users to open the app every day. Therefore, on October 10th the platform launched Snap Originals. Snap Originals are video shows exclusively produced for Snapchat running in an optimized vertical format. They are available in a dedicated section for Shows in the Discover section of the app. Originals offer new advertising possibilities and inventory. They will be monetized through two to three six-second ad breaks that are unskippable. For now, there are twelve different Snap Originals that are only available in the US, but it is likely that they will be rolled out to further countries soon.


Twitter began to test a new advertising format called Timeline Ads: They will be shown in the Twitter timelines embedded on publisher websites and the initiative can be compared to Google Display or Facebook Audience Network serving targeted ads on properties not owned and operated by the platform. The only difference to Google’s and Facebook’s solution is that ads will be placed within the feed of content coming from Twitter. Thereby, the platform will expand its inventory and advertising possibilities for brands. Revenue will be split equally between publishers and Twitter. According to Business Insider the current test is running with four ads within 20 tweets. Publishers interested in the program can sign up to test the alpha. We will keep you up-to-date when the new inventory becomes available for all advertisers.


New targeting options are available on YouTube: It is now possible to target TV light viewers, Custom Intent Audiences as well as seven new Life Events on YouTube. The new TV light viewer targeting is still in Beta, but clients can get whitelisted. TV light viewers typically watch less than one hour of broadcast or cable TV per day and tend to no longer pay for cable or satellite TV services. They are well suited for Brand Awareness campaigns and the audience is built of signals from Google Search, Android apps downloads, e.g. video streaming apps, and YouTube in combination with surveys validating the characteristics. YouTube’s new Custom Intent Audiences target users who have searched for a specific keyword via Google Search within the last seven days. Life events on the other hand combine different signals to target users being potentially in one of the following life stages: home buyer, home renovater, new job, business creator, retirement and new dog/cat owners.

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