esome publishes Market Insights Q2 | 2019

Posted on August 13, 2019

Market and price developments on the social platforms at a glance: The esome Market Insights give social advertisers a comprehensive overview of the last quarter's developments on the social platforms. 

Each quarter esome publishes the Market Insights Q2|2019 bearing on data of social advertising campaigns that have been executed by esome. The Market Insights give an overview over price and market developments of the previous quarter and present the highlights for social advertisers.

Price developments in the 2nd quarter of 2019

The second quarter of 2019 was characterized by constant advertising spends and stable inventory prices on the social networks. In contrast to the declining spends and CPMs in the beginning of this year, advertising spends and inventory prices stabilized across all advertising objectives in Q2. A detailed analysis on price trends for branding and performance campaigns showed a reverse trend compared to the previous quarter: In the first quarter, inventory prices for branding campaigns declined and performance CPMs increased. In contrast to that, performance CPMs declined in the second quarter while branding inventory prices increased. Compared to the second quarter of the previous year, inventory prices for branding campaigns continued to decrease significantly. Trigger for this declining development was the strong growth of the visual platform Instagram. However, we could not register a significant shift in advertising objectives that could explain the described price development.

Different usage of Instagram and Facebook

The Facebook universe is growing. Especially Instagram and the on-going success of stories contribute to the continuing growth. The visual focus and the story success make Instagram especially suitable for branding campaigns. Comparing the advertising spends on Instagram and Facebook over the last year, we registered a divergence in the use of the two platforms along the marketing funnel. On Instagram 67 percent of the total advertising budget was spent on branding campaigns, whilst 73 percent of the advertising budget on Facebook was spent on performance objectives. This divergence between the platforms was also reflected in the click price, which serves as a proxy for performance campaigns. Despite low click prices on Instagram, the cost per click on Facebook was almost 20 percent below the price on Instagram. However, for branding campaigns we registered lower CPMs and better view rates on the photo sharing platform Instagram. Despite the price differences between Facebook and Instagram, we recommend not using the two platforms strictly for one objective, but rather planning marketing campaigns holistically along the entire marketing funnel. That offers advertisers the possibility to benefit from platform-specific advantages in each phase and to optimize the advertising spend.

How long is the perfect video on social media?

The information overflow on social media and the users’ low attention span challenge advertisers on finding the perfect video length. When just focusing on the view through rate shorter videos performed, of course, better than longer ones. But to assume a general interest in the video content and an active engagement with the video, a minimum view length of three seconds should be taken as a basis of the analysis. Analyzing video viewers in relation to video length of, we found a low bounce rate between the seconds six to eight, but a significant drop at nine seconds. To reach at least 50 percent of the users’ attention and thus the best possible advertising effect, advertisers should include the key message of their advertisement in the first nine seconds of the video.

LinkedIn becomes more relevant for advertisers

During the past months, the business platform LinkedIn expanded the advertising possibilities on the platforms and thus increased its relevance for advertisers. The increasing relevance was reflected in rising advertising spends and increasing ad impressions for B2B and B2C products.

First campaign results on Pinterest

In the beginning of this year, the visual discovery engine Pinterest opened its platform for advertisers in Germany and thus offers advertisers another channel for advertising on social networks. First campaign results reflected the advertising potential of Pinterest across the entire marketing funnel. We registered strong click-through rates for traffic campaigns and great view through rates above 20 percent for video campaigns with low costs per completed views.


Download Market Insights Q2|2019 here.

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