Platform News December 2019

Posted on December 13, 2019

Facebook launched Learning Phase Insights, Twitter banned Political Ads and published its rules and guidelines, Google launched Shopping Ads on YouTube that will forward users to an external landing page, TikTok is testing Cost-per-Click and Optimized CPC ad pricing.   



Facebook launched Learning Phase Insights to lower CPA and to increase conversions 

The earlier a campaign completes the learning phase, the better the campaign results will be. To help advertisers getting out of the learning phase as quickly as possible and work with stable CPA, Facebook launched the Learning Phase Insights. In the next weeks, Facebook will roll out this feature in the Ads Manager. It can be accessed via the Account Overview.

Facebook introduced new brand safety controls for advertisers to determine where and in what context their ads appear 

Facebook introduced a new set of tools designed to bring brand safety and transparency by giving advertisers control over where and in what context their ads appear. Furthermore, advertisers will be able to whitelist certain publishers for ad placements and the type of content ads appear on for in-stream Video Ads.

Facebook introduced a new corporate logo to differentiate the corporate entity from the apps 

The Facebook family has been growing over the past years. Therefore, Facebook updated its company branding to help people differentiate the corporate entity from all the social networking apps and introduced a new corporate logo.

Facebook is testing a News tab where the most relevant national stories of the day will be highlighted 

With Facebook News users will have the ability to explore a wider range of their news interests. The tab will feature a large selection of content across four categories: general, topical, diverse, and local news. This feature is rolling out in phases in the U.S. and is currently mobile-only. At the moment, Facebook News will not contain ads. We will keep you informed if and when this feature is rolled out in Germany and if it becomes available for advertising.


Instagram updated Branded Content Ads with three new features 

Instagram launched three updates for branded content ads, which offer the possibility to promote creators' organic branded content posts. Firstly, Carousel Posts with branded content can be advertised. Secondly, the conversion objective can be used from now on. Lastly, with Automatic Placement, an Instagram Organic Post can now be advertised on Facebook as well.


Messenger rolled out three new features for brands to better interact with customers 

To help brands connecting with customers, Messenger introduced three new features. The first one is a simplified process for selecting apps brands want to use for their click to Messenger ads. The second feature is "icebreakers" to help users starting conversations with a business. Businesses can list common questions that users can ask them and incorporate automated responses. Lastly, is the introduction of reactions to messages from businesses replies. This will build a deeper connection between businesses and their customers. 


WhatsApp introduced catalogs for small businesses to showcase and share their products 

In the past, users had to exchange multiple messages and photos with businesses to get product information. Introducing the new catalogs, people can now easily browse and discover new products from small businesses. This feature is available for companies using the WhatsApp Business app in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, and the US.


Twitter banned Political Ads and published its rules and guidelines 

CEO Jack Dorsey stated that political message reach should be earned and not bought. Therefore, Twitter banned Political Ads and enacted a set of rules and guidelines since the 22nd of November 2019. On the one hand, no political content may be promoted. On the other hand, parties, governments or officials, candidates, PACs, and certain political nonprofit groups are banned from promoting content altogether.


Snapchat reviews Political Ads for facts to protect young audience 

 Just as other platforms, Snapchat started to take action in stopping the spread of misinformation. Snapchat wants to create a space in which their young users are only confronted with political messages if they do not contain any false information.


Google launched Shopping Ads on YouTube that will forward users to an external landing page 

 Following other platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube launched Shopping Ads. The ads are played out to users based on their surfing behavior on YouTube´s homepage and search results. By clicking on a Shopping Ad, users will be forwarded to the merchant´s website to make the purchase there.

YouTube added Nielsen data to its Reach Planner to better balance spends across TV and YouTube 

 In 2018 YouTube launched Reach Planner to help brands reach their audiences and drive business impact. Now, YouTube added Nielsen TV Data in its Reach Planner to help advertisers discover the optimal mix of TV and YouTube more easily to maximize reach, balance frequency, and reduce waste.


TikTok is testing Cost-per-Click and Optimized CPC ad pricing 

To become a self-serve platform and reach more advertisers, TikTok is starting two beta auction models across Europe: the standard "Cost-per-Click" model and "Optimized CPC" which allows advertisers to bid with the Cost-per-Acquisition[FB1]  they set and pay for the generated clicks.

TikTok is testing Shoppable Videos that will forward users to an external landing page 

 As a part of the constant work to improve the app experience for users, TikTok started to test in-app Shoppable Ads as a beta to selected influencers in the US. Some users can add links to e-commerce sites to their profile biography and creators can send their viewers to shopping websites. This feature could give creators a great selling power on TikTok. We will keep you informed if and when this feature is rolled out in Germany.

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