Platform News May 2019

Posted on May 14, 2019

Facebook increased the brand safety of their platform, Instagram rolled out Dynamic Ads for Stories, Snapchat introduced Snap Games and LinkedIn launched new responses to posts - Read more about the latest features on the Social Media Platforms.


Facebook launched cost cap bidding: Cost cap bidding is Facebook's third bid strategy that will help advertisers to maximize cost efficiency and drive volume. Previously, advertisers had to choose between bid cap, focusing on maximizing conversion volume, or target cost, focusing on cost predictability. Cost cap is aimed to simplify the campaign management by enabling to set a maximum CPA/CPI an advertiser is willing to pay for while maximizing the campaign results. This feature is not available for everyone yet, but the complete rollout will be done throughout the year.

Facebook increased the brand safety of their platform: To protect users and clients’ brands from bad content, Facebook introduced further brand safety controls. Advertisers get new choices for where their ads may appear when it comes to contextual ad placements on Audience Network, in-stream video and Instant Articles. Therefore, Facebook introduced an inventory filter which makes it easier for advertisers to control their brand safety profile across different forms of media. Brands can choose from three filter levels: limited (no strong language), standard (a few instances of strong language), full (multiple instances of such language). These updated controls are built on other tools like comprehensive transparency controls to see where ads may appear before running a campaign and where ads did appear post-campaign, block lists to prevent ads from delivering on specific publishers and brand safety certification for third-party partners to help advertisers manage preferences at scale.

Facebook took new initiatives to improve the transparency of advertising: As reported a few weeks ago, Facebook is steadily working on the transparency of advertising on their platform. Therefore, the “Why am I seeing this” section was reworked to include further information on the use of CRM Custom Audiences. Now, Facebook launched a new Ad Library. It indicates Pages advertising related to politics or so-called issues of importance. For example, it is possible to search in the data base for political campaigns, Pages referencing to topics like immigration, see how much a Page spent on advertising or what previous names it had. The improved transparency allows journalists and governmental researchers to identify ads that are used for misinformation or to manipulate elections.


Dynamic Ads made available for Instagram Stories: With over 500 million people using Instagram Stories daily, businesses can tap into peoples' passions and inspire them to take action. Now, this is also possible with Dynamic Ads which are the most suitable ad format for clients who sell a wide range of products on Facebook. They allow advertisers to automatically retarget users based on what they were searching for on a website. 

Polling Stickers rolled out to all ad accounts: In January, we announced that Facebook started to test and roll out Polling Stickers for Instagram Story Ads. Now, the rollout to all ad accounts has been done. Previously, the interactive feature was only available for organic Stories. Stickers let users ask questions and provide response options for friends and followers. They are clickable and after users voted, results will be displayed in real-time. They indicate shares, the absolute number of votes or even text answers. Interactivity of Instagram Story Ads is now supported under the following objectives: Video Views, Reach, Brand Awareness, Traffic, Conversions, App Installs and Lead Generation. Post Engagement is not yet supported. Story Ads with Stickers can only be used as a 16:9 single-card and can be booked via R&F and auction, not supporting Automatic Placement. Further, it is not yet possible to retarget users who have interacted with Stickers via Custom Audiences. 


Snapchat introduced ads in Snap Games: Snapchat is getting into gaming and launched Snap Games. Users can play these real-time, multiplayer games with friends on Snapchat in a fully brand safe environment for free. Snapchat also offers advertisement possibilities to monetize Snap Games and advertisers can run six-second, non-skippable commercials. At the moment, it is not possible to select Games as a standalone placement. It is necessary to run commercials in the placement Games together with Shows and a whitelisting is needed in advance (1-2 days lead time). It is also recommended to continue to book Snap Ads when running Commercial Ads in the placements Shows and Games. Due to the new placement, the existing inventories are not yet foreseeable and there could be delivery problems at the beginning. Should this be the case, the surplus budget can be shifted to the Snap Ads.

Snapchat will launch the Snap Audience Network: After having some struggles with its user growth, Snapchat confirmed that it will launch a mobile ad network called Snap Audience Network in order to offer more scalability to advertisers. This will enable clients to run vertical video Snap Ads in third-party apps. For its launch, this will be only available for iOS apps in the US. If there is an update regarding the German market, we will let you know.


LinkedIn launched reactions: After multiple LinkedIn users have been wishing to express their reactions in more ways than just a "Like", LinkedIn rolled out a set of reactions giving users more options to quickly and constructively communicate with each other. Now users can choose "Celebrate" to praise an accomplishment, "Love" to express support and resonance, "Insightful" for an interesting idea or great point and "Curious" to show a desire to learn more about a topic. This new set of reactions will help users to better understand the impact of different posts in a standardized way. In the future, it may be possible that reactions will become available for ads on LinkedIn too.


Conversion optimization available for Pinterest: Pinterest is a platform where people plan what to do or buy next. Therefore, Pinterest is constantly working on making it easier for advertisers to connect with Pinners and optimize their ad campaigns. So that businesses can reach automatically their goals, Pinterest launched conversion optimization for Promoted Pin campaigns and a new conversion goal feature for Promoted Videos. With conversion optimization, advertisers can optimize for specific consumer actions such as online checkouts, signups or stronger leads. Both conversion tools are available for all Pinterest business accounts.

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