Platform news April 2019

Posted on April 12, 2019

A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month - Facebook rolled out Collaborative Ads, Snapchat introduced Commercial Ads, LinkedIn added targeting possibilities and Pinterest launched new shopping features. Read more about the latest features on the Social Platforms.


Facebook introduced more objectives to Messenger Stories: When the vertical Story Ad format on Messenger was launched, there was only a small set of objectives available. Due to the growing relevance and user penetration of the placement, Facebook started to extend their support to more objectives. Ads in Messenger Stories feature single video and single image ad formats under the following ad objectives: Conversions, Mobile App Installs, Traffic, Reach and Brand Awareness. For the last three objectives the rollout is still ongoing. Messenger Stories must be delivered as part of Placement Optimization in combination with Facebook Feed or Instagram Stories. Brand Awareness, Conversions and Mobile App Install optimized campaigns using automatic placement are already default opted into Messenger Stories.

Rollout of Collaborative Ads to Facebook: Today, the eCommerce market is still growing. In order to maximize retail and brand partnerships, Facebook rolled out Collaborative Ads by which brands and retailers will be able to reach and convert more shoppers into buyers. Through Collaborative Ads, retailers are able to empower brands in a simple and safe way to run performance marketing campaigns for their products, so that traffic can be steered to their retail partners' website or app. Retailers who use Dynamic Ads can create a segment within their catalog consisting of the brand´s products. This way, brands can use the retailer´s segment to run Dynamic Ads directly on Facebook which will be shown to people who have demonstrated interest in the brand on the retailer´s site.

Facebook will update their metrics: As Facebook keeps developing their ad platform, it also became necessary to update the metrics. Facebook announced that they will remove seven metrics that are no longer used and replace them with more actionable ones by the end of April. The Relevance Score will be replaced with three new relevance diagnostic metrics that will be more granular. These are Quality Ranking, Engagement Rate Ranking and Conversion Rate Ranking. The Quality Ranking determines the ad´s quality compared to other ads competing for the same audience. The Engagement Rate Ranking works similarly and shows the expected engagement rate of an ad compared to ads competing for the same audience. The Conversion Rate Ranking shows the expected conversion rate of an ad compared to ads with the same optimization goal competing for the same audience. If you have any questions regarding updates to your media planning, simply approach your individual contact person at esome.

Change of Reach Estimation in Ads Manager: Previously, Facebook calculated the potential reach of an audience based on the number of total monthly active users on the platform. Businesses have been wishing to get estimates that closely align with the end results of their campaign performance. Therefore, from mid-April on, the estimation will take users into consideration who were logged in within the last 30 days and have seen at least one ad during that time frame to generate better estimates. This will have no direct impact on campaign results, but it will improve the planning of a campaign's potential reach in the future.

Engagements will be retained when duplicating ads on Facebook: A Facebook feature that advertisers have been wishing for has finally found its way to the Ads Manager. In the future, engagements such as reactions, comments and shares will be preserved when duplicating ads, if desired. Advertisers can specify this when duplicating an ad. The feature will be available for all ad accounts by the end of March.

Facebook will remove gender, age and ZIP code targeting for specific ads: Facebook took another step against discrimination on its platforms in the US. Anyone who wants to run housing, employment or credit ads will no longer be allowed to target by age, gender or zip code, since these areas have a long history of discrimination. Therefore, Facebook advertisers who want to run ads in these categories will have limited ad targeting measures in the future. Multicultural affinity targeting will of course still be unavailable for these ads. At the moment, this new ad policy applies only to advertisers targeting US users on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. If there is an update for the German market, we will let you know.

Introduction of 'Showcase' for premium video advertisers: The video ecosystem of Facebook is steadily evolving with new programs coming to Facebook Watch. Now, the platform introduced a premium video ad program in the US, called Facebook Showcase. It gives online video and TV buyers participating in the upfront selling cycle new opportunities to reach their target audience within high-quality video content. Facebook Showcase includes the following products: In-Stream Reserve, In-Stream Reserve Categories and Sponsorships. In-Stream Reserve lets advertisers reach people watching video from the highest quality publishers and creators that are bought in advance at a fixed cost and delivered to in-target audiences verified by Nielsen. In-Stream Reserve Categories are quite similar to the first product except of that advertisers reach people within contextually relevant videos, including fashion, beauty or entertainment. Sponsorships allow advertisers to be the exclusive sponsor of a specific Show. Showcase can help advertisers reach younger audiences that are more difficult to reach on TV. Over the past three months, 43% of people who watched In-Stream Reserve content on Facebook in the US were 18-34 years old. There is also a variety of options to measure results, including Nielsen Total Ad Ratings, Digital Ad Ratings and brand lift offerings from Facebook or Nielsen.


Snapchat launched Commercial Ads in Germany: Snapchat's Commercials – the unskippable six second ads – are now live and esome is one of the first partners in Germany that is able to book them. The esome account with all its advertisers is whitelisted, so it is easy for our clients to start their campaigns right away without any additional whitelisting. Snap Commercials will be placed exclusively within the Shows of Snapchat and will replace the commonly known Snap Ads, as they will not be available in that placement anymore.


LinkedIn added more targeting possibilities: LinkedIn introduced three new ways to target the right audiences within its platform. These are lookalike audiences, audience templates, and the addition of Microsoft Bing search data to its interest targeting product. With lookalike audiences, advertisers can reach new professional audiences that are similar to their existing customers, website visitors and target accounts. The audience templates are meant to help finding the right audience for new marketers who want to run ads on LinkedIn or for existing advertisers who want to reach new audiences. At the moment, there are 20 predefined B2B audiences available. Finally, LinkedIn expanded its interest targeting capability through Microsoft´s Bing search data. This allows advertisers to also target users based on the professional topics and content they engaged with on Bing.


Pinterest launched new shopping features: Pinterest released two new shopping features. Retailers are now able to add their entire product catalog to Pinterest and create Product Pins based on it. Beyond that, the platform rolled out a new Ad format called Shopping Ads. Pinners can see information about an item within a pin, including its price, availability and where it is available for purchase. Items can be saved to a board or directly purchased from the retailer's website. Pinners will also receive personalized recommendations at the top of a search page within the category boards of style, home, beauty and DIY based on what they have saved. Shopping Ads were available since last year but only to an exclusively selected group of advertisers and are now available through self-service and for esome clients.

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