Platform news August 2019

Posted on August 21, 2019

This August is full of interesting new features for advertisers and users. Features include Facebook changing the format of the mobile news feed and announcing a budget optimization for campaigns, Instagram launching ads in Explore and YouTube augmented reality ads. All relevant information about the innovations on the social platforms can be found here.


Facebook will change text and aspect ratios on Mobile News Feed: To align creative best practices and the redesign of Facebook, Facebook will update Page Posts and ads in the Facebook Mobile News Feed. Page Posts will automatically be updated starting August 19th and the changes on ads will be rolled out to Ad Accounts from August 19th through September 2nd. The visible primary text will be reduced from 7 to 3 lines and users will be prompted to click to view additional text. The maximum media height for photos and videos will shift from the current 2:3 aspect ratio to a new 4:5 ratio. This means, advertisers will have to focus on special ratios such as 9:16 for Stories, 4:5 for Feed, 1:1 for Link Ads and 1:1 respectively 16:9 for In-Stream.

Facebook announced the Campaign Budget Optimization rollout: On February, Facebook announced that in the future, new and existing campaigns will be migrated to Facebook´s automated campaign budget allocation system that optimizes campaign budget across an advertiser´s ad sets. This means Facebook advertisers will no longer be able to define budgets on ad set level. With Campaign Budget Optimization, advertisers can set one central campaign budget to optimize across all ad sets and continuously distribute budget to the top-performing ad sets automatically. Now, Facebook announced a timeline for its rollout. In September, Facebook will change the first accounts. This process is expected to last until February/March 2020. In the upcoming weeks, advertisers will receive a notification regarding the date in which their Ad Account will be changed.

Facebook updated its "Why am I seeing this ad?" feature: Facebook added more details to its "Why am I seeing this ad?" feature to give more control and transparency about the data used for ad targeting across all Facebook platforms. First, users were able to see only one or two of the most relevant reasons, for example, demographic information or the websites they may have visited. Now, this information will be clearer, and users will be able to see interests or categories that matched them with a specific ad. Furthermore, users will now see on Ad Preferences a tab with two sections. The first section contains information about advertisers who uploaded a list with the user´s information and advertised to it. The second section contains information about businesses who uploaded and shared a list with the user´s information.

Facebook updated its reach estimates feature: In March 2018, Facebook decided to remove their Custom Audiences reach estimates feature due to an issue that could have let advertisers infer targeting attributes of Facebook users. Since then, Facebook has been working on fixing this bug and improve its security. Now, Facebook is reinstalling this feature allowing advertisers to estimate audience sizes for their Custom Audience campaigns. Facebook focused on three key areas to improve the security of this feature: privacy, protection and new usage restrictions. Furthermore, it is now possible to see the potential reach of Facebook Stories in Ads Manager.

Facebook launched features to monetize content: To better support creators and their videos that may not have a natural break for ads, Facebook launched a new feature to give creators the possibility to activate non-interruptive ad formats like a pre-roll or image ads in a video. With this feature, Facebook offers advertisers expanded inventory options for Video Ads. You can find further new features for creators on Facebook here.

Facebook announced the launch of Calibra: Facebook announced its plan to launch Calibra in 2020. Calibra is a digital wallet for Libra which will be a new global currency powered by blockchain technology and other leading financial, technology and venture capital organizations such as PayPal and Mastercard. The aim of Facebook is to make basic financial services available for everyone through smartphones. Calibra will be available in Messenger, WhatsApp and as a standalone app. Regarding privacy concerns, Facebook ensured that no user account information or financial data will be shared with Facebook or any third-party data without the consent of the customer. This means this information will not be used for targeting purposes on Facebook and its wide range of products.


Instagram introduced ads in Explore: Explore has been helping users to discover, shop, and connect with other users and brands on Instagram. To give advertisers the opportunity to be part of what is trending and relevant for users, Instagram will slowly introduce ads in the Explore feed over the next few months. Advertisers will have the option to extend their campaigns using automatic placements with a simple opt-in to include Explore.


Twitter rolled out six-second bid unit: Twitter is constantly working on offering advertisers bidding options to better fit their needs. Therefore, Twitter launched the six-second bid unit that only charges advertisers when their video ad is viewed for at least six seconds with the video player at 50% in-view. This feature is restricted to ad units that are 15 seconds or less and run on Promoted Video and In-Stream Video.


Pinterest introduced Mobile Ad Tools: Last year, Pinterest added a suite of self-service tools to make it easier for advertisers to reach Pinners and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Now, Pinterest introduced Mobile Ad Tools, a feature that gives advertisers the ability to easily create and manage Pinterest ad campaigns on mobile devices. This tool enables a simplified ad creation with consolidated targeting options. Furthermore, companies can build brand awareness and drive performance while reaching new customers without going over budget.

Pinterest introduced new video features: Video on Pinterest plays an important role in the way inspiration is being transmitted and a story is being told. To improve video capabilities for creators and brands, Pinterest introduced four new video features. Firstly, an updated video uploader to easily upload videos directly to Pinterest. Secondly, a new video tab on business profiles to feature all videos of a brand in one place. Thirdly, new video analytics to enable businesses to get insights into the performance of their videos. And last, the Pin Scheduler tool to be able to schedule video content in advance.


LinkedIn launched three new objectives: To ensure advertisers that their campaigns on LinkedIn can meet their complex business goals, LinkedIn launched three new objectives to their redesigned Campaign Manager: Brand Awareness, Website Conversions, and Job Applicants. Brand Awareness and Website Conversions are highly used objectives on other platforms and therefore well known. With Job Applicants, LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers are able to run ads to deliver more completed job applications on LinkedIn or their own website. Furthermore, LinkedIn optimized their click pricing. By selecting website visits as objective, advertisers will only be charged for clicks that go to their landing page.

LinkedIn will introduce more ad-targeting options: Earlier this year, LinkedIn introduced three new ways to target the right audiences within its platform: lookalike audiences, audience templates and the addition of Microsoft Bing search data. Now, LinkedIn is planning to add more options to its targeting products. This year, LinkedIn will add more narrowed geography-based targeting for city, state and countries. In 2020, LinkedIn is planning to introduce retargeting to allow advertisers to retarget LinkedIn users who engage with their LinkedIn ads. We will inform you when these features become available for everyone.

LinkedIn added new features to LinkedIn Pages: Through its latest feature updates, LinkedIn is showing how committed they are helping businesses take full advantage of the platform. Now, LinkedIn added three new features to LinkedIn Pages. Firstly, it is now possible to add five CTA buttons to LinkedIn Pages (Contact us, Learn more, Register, Sign up and Visit website) and page admins can also track its engagement with click-through analytics. Secondly, page admins can edit the Page from a mobile device and edit posts that have already been published. And last, page admins have the possibility to connect Pages with community relevant hashtags. The Page CTAs und community hashtags are only available on desktop.


YouTube is testing Augmented Reality Ads: The interest in Augmented Reality has been increasing among clients in beauty, fashion, and CPG, thus brands want to provide utility to customers and offer them a great shopping or product usage experience. Last week, YouTube launched with MAC Cosmetics its first Augmented Reality campaign on YouTube where users could virtually try-on lipstick while watching a makeup tutorial video. This feature will be available to brands later this summer through YouTube´s influencer marketing platform FameBit.


TikTok tests Instragram-like features: TikTok is testing several Instagram-inspired features. Users on TikTok flip through each video in a vertical feed-style format. The updated version offers a grid-style layout similar to Instagram Explore so that users can tap on the videos they want to watch and do not have to bypass the videos they are not interested in. Another feature is the addition of a Discover tab. This should replace the Search tab and enable people to find new users to follow, rather than just sounds, hashtags or videos. Furthermore, TikTok is testing better integration to other social platforms including WhatsApp and the possibility to link the TikTok account to Google and Facebook. Last but not least, an Instagram-like Account switcher interface, a "Liked by Creator" comment badge and a downgrade to the TikCode (QR code) are being tested. We will keep you informed if any of these tests are being rolled out.

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