Platform News February 2019

Posted on February 04, 2019

Last month, there were some news on the social networks again. In addition to new advertising options on Facebook and Instagram, advertisers can also enjoy news from Xing and LinkedIn. Here is an overview of the exciting updates.


Rollout of Dynamic Ads for multiple languages: Dynamic Ads are the most suitable ad format for clients who sell a wide range of products on Facebook. Nevertheless, in the past, if products had to be promoted internationally, a product catalog had to be created for each location or language. Now, it is possible to target an international audience with less effort. If advertisers add secondary languages and country feeds to their existing catalog, they can also create Dynamic Ads for multiple languages and countries.

Facebook rolled out a new advertising option via Ads Manager and API to all ad accounts: It is called Automotive Inventory Ad for Prospecting and is well suited for car dealers and manufacturers with a single product catalog. The new feature can be compared to Dynamic Ads for Automotive but is more an optimization than a targeting solution that also works for single images, carousels and collections. In contrast to Dynamic Ads, where a website visit is used as a signal for retargeting, the new format will be delivered to users who might be interested in the client's brand and products based on many different signals like a search for or an interaction with car content on the platform.


Polling Stickers are finally coming to Story Ads: Until now, the interactive feature was only available for organic Stories. Polling Stickers let advertisers ask questions and provide response options for target audiences. They are clickable and results will be displayed in real-time indicating shares, the absolute number of votes or even text answers. It is not yet clear how Polling Stickers will exactly look like for paid Stories, but they will be a good tool for brands to engage with users. The rollout is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

Instagram rolled out a new feature for iOS: It enables users to manage multiple accounts to share posts across all accounts under their management, saving them effort and time. When creating a new post, users will see a ‘Post to Other Account’ option, in which they can select on which accounts they want to publish their post. This community management feature will give more flexibility to social media managers so that they can quickly post content to all their accounts within the app.


New targeting option launched on LinkedIn: After three months in beta, LinkedIn launched interest-based targeting for its self-service Campaign Manager. Interest targeting lets advertisers reach members with relevant ads that match their professional interests. Previously, it was only possible to target users based on the information they provided on their LinkedIn profiles or through special targeting solutions like website retargeting. By using more than 200 professional interest categories, like artificial intelligence, global economy or customer experience, advertisers can now fine tune their campaigns. The information is gathered from the content users share and engage with on LinkedIn. With this new option, advertisers can achieve their campaign objectives better and grow their business.


XING started to test a native ad format within its messenger: As most of XING’s ad formats it is only visible for basic users. At the moment, 90% of XING’s users see the new ads above or within the content of the messenger. 10% serve as a control group only seeing Display Ad formats. While reducing the Display Ads on the platform, it is intended to increase the Ads Manager inventory by 50 to 70%. This should reduce the prices of auction buying. Thereby it is not intended to increase the perceived number of ads. The test will be extended to further placements on the platform later and it will run until mid-2019. During the testing phase XING will control whether there are negative effects on user activity. If you are interested in testing the new format please contact us.

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