Platform news July 2019

Posted on July 01, 2019

July was once again filled with new and interesting features on the Social Platforms: New features in the Facebook Creation Kit, new ad possibilities in the Facebook Audience Network, Snapchat launched In-App Stores and Pinterest implemented a Complete the Look tool. Read more about the exciting news this month here.


Facebook added new features to its Video Creation Kit: The Video Creation Kit is a tool that makes it easy to convert static images and texts into engaging and compelling Video Ads optimized for mobile. Now, Facebook introduced more ways to customize, automate and improve the workflow in the Video Creation Tool. Advertisers are now able to automatically turn a video into multiple videos with different aspect ratios to optimize for different placements. Further, advertisers can find templates that suit their brand and advertising objectives, discover even more font options to customize content and create text overlays, save drafts of videos that were created in the tool, and add new stickers and templates to videos to create seasonal ads.

More ad possibilities within Facebook Audience Network: Facebook introduced more ad options for mobile gaming advertisers with the launch of Rewarded Video and Playable Ads on Facebook Audience Network (FAN). With Rewarded Video, players receive a reward, for example, extra lives or in-game currency for watching an ad. Playable Ads let players try a game before downloading it. With the launch of these formats, game developers will have more monetization possibilities via their Facebook campaigns. In addition to these formats, advertisers are getting three new playable ad metrics in Ads Manager: Instant Experiences Clicks to Open, Instant Experiences Clicks to Start and Instant Experiences Outbound Clicks. These metrics will help gaming advertisers gain more insights to improve game play. In order to simplify playable ad creation and create higher-quality playable experiences, Facebook also introduced zip file and vertical video support capabilities.

Ranking of public comments on Facebook: Facebook is constantly working to ensure that each user sees the most relevant content and spends its time well on the platform. Now, Facebook updated the way comments are ranked on public posts from Pages and users with a lot of followers. For example, comments from Pages or users who originally posted will be shown more prominently in the comment section as well as comments coming from their friends. Furthermore, Facebook gave everybody control over their own comment ranking settings. To show people relevant and quality comments, Facebook incorporated four signals. Firstly, integrity signals to show users safe and authentic comments. Secondly, what people tell Facebook through surveys they want to see in comments. Thirdly, how people interact with comments. And last, what the user who posted controls, e.g., hide, delete or engage with comments.


Instagram introduced Branded Content Ads: After getting a lot of requests from brands, Instagram started to introduce Branded Content Ads to all advertisers, giving them the possibility to include Branded Content Posts into their advertising strategy. Advertisers are now able to promote creators´ organic Branded Content Posts as newsfeed ads, giving them the possibility to reach target audiences that are beyond the people who follow the account of the brand and creator. You can find more information here on how to get started.


Snapchat launched in-app stores: Snapchat launched a beta program by which only five Official Accounts (verified users), e.g. Kylie Jenner, have access to a "Shop" button in their Snapchat Profile screen. When clicking the "Shop" button, the merchandise store from the account owner will be shown, making it possible for users to browse and purchase products within the app. The in-app stores can also be found through the Discover page via a search. Official Accounts have the possibility to include their "Shops" in their Snaps, enabling users to open the store by swiping up. At the moment, this feature is only available to U.S. users and Snapchat is planning to extend this feature to more partners in the coming months. We will keep you updated, if this feature gets available in Germany.


Pinterest launched Complete the Look tool: Pinterest is constantly working on helping users to discover new ideas visually and is conscious about people not always being able to describe in words what they are looking for. Therefore, Pinterest developed a traditional image search system by which results are visually similar to a query image. Now, Pinterest launched a new visual search tool called Complete the Look. This tool recommends visually compatible results, for example, in fashion Pins to complete an outfit or in-home decor Pins to match the aesthetics of a room. As a big advantage of this tool, advertisers will gain more reach on Pinterest as more of their Pins will be discovered via visual search.


TikTok started to test interest-based ad targeting: TikTok is updating its ad system to attract marketers that show interest in the app but are skeptical about its performance. Now, they are testing interest-based targeting, custom audience and pixel tracking in addition to the already available targeting by gender, age, location, operating system, and network on the device. This beta version is currently only available for a few agencies but may be released in July. We will keep you informed, if there are further updates.

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