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Posted on November 05, 2019

Facebook rolled out Search Ads to all advertisers, LinkedIn Campaign manager added demographic forecast, and YouTube will discontinue support for third-party pixels. Find here the most important updates from the social platforms at a glance.


Facebook rolled out Search Ads to all advertisers 

After a year of testing ads in Marketplace and News Feed search results, Facebook finally rolled out ads in Facebook Search Results that offer a new way to reach people who are willing to discover new things. All new ad campaigns using Automatic Placement will automatically include the Facebook Search Results placement. At the moment, this placement is only available on mobile.

Facebook announces new features for asset customization

Advertisers are already able to slightly adapt the appearance of the same ad in different placements; however, with the new asset customization, mixed formats allow the usage of different image and video creatives across placements. For example, a branding creative might be used on Facebook while the same ad shows a product shot on Instagram. Further, App destinations may be used for mobile placements only. With multi placement editing you can customize ads for multiple placements at once. These features will gradually roll out in October. More information about asset customization can be found in Facebook's official Help Center.

Facebook rolled out Automatic Language Translation for Ads

Big brands often run large international campaigns. Therefore, Facebook is gradually introducing an automatic feature to translate texts into different languages. Advertisers will now be able to reach more people in the language they prefer saving the time of adding translations manually. Advertisers can now create a campaign in multiple languages and select "Translate" after adding the headline and text. The ad will display the label "Automatically Translated" to show users that it was automatically translated.

Cross Account Reporting to make account overarching reports possible 

With Cross Account Reporting, campaign data from different accounts will be merged into one. Reach and frequency data and socio demographic information like age and gender will be cumulated to give cross account insights. At the moment, the feature is still being rolled out and will be available for use within the next couple of days.

Stories Templates now available for Facebook and Messenger Stories 

A few weeks ago, Facebook released a feature so that advertisers can transform Feed creatives into Instagram Story Ads in eleven different templates. The feature was so well received that it is now available for Facebook and Messenger Stories as well.


Instagram is giving users more control over the data being shared with third-party apps 

Instagram, like many platforms, is constantly working on protecting the data of its users. Therefore, Instagram is giving users more control over the data they share with other apps and services. Users can manage all connections to third-party services in the "Settings" section in the Instagram app. Users just need to tap "Security," then tap "Apps and Websites" to be able to remove third-party services they no longer want to be connected to their Instagram accounts.

Instagram can send reminders for product launches 

Instagram is testing a new feature on Instagram shopping which will remind users when the desired product is available for purchase. Just before the launch, users will receive a push notification on their smartphones as a reminder. This feature is accompanied by a sticker which will be available in Stories and will display the product release date.

Instagram released Threads, a close friends chat app 

Threads looks like a simplified version of Instagram with different color schemes to choose from. The distinguishing features are the auto status which lets your friends know what you are up to at real time and individual cameras for each friend which allows quick and easy sharing of photos. On startup you pick your “close friends” from your Instagram contacts after that you can use nearly every interaction known in Instagram within Threads like direct messaging or viewing their stories.


Messenger integration within Story Ads on Facebook and Instagram 

Brands can now use Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Stories to start conversations on Messenger. In order to do so, the user just has to swipe up on Story Ads as long as they are using the new "Send Message" call to action. This feature might be interesting for avertisers with a rather complex product to sell. They can support their sales process with individual information which fits the customer needs.


Pinterest launched Home Feed Turner to give users control over what they see

To improve engagement and time spent on the platform, Pinterest is giving users control over what they see in their home feeds. The Home Feed Turner can be accessed in the "Settings" section. This tool shows the topics, boards, followed accounts, and recent activity which determine recommendations in a user´s feed. Users can turn on or off these recommendations to adjust these signals.


Snapchat rolled out Dynamic Ads to automatically create ads from product catalogs 

After a long beta testing, Snapchat rolled out Dynamic Ads to attract more retail, e-commerce, and other direct-to-consumer brands. With Dynamic Ads, advertisers can automatically create ads from extensive product catalogs and display them based on the interests of the target groups. This way, advertisers will save time as they won't have to manually create their ads.


LinkedIn Campaign Manager added audience targeting logic and demographic forecast 

LinkedIn introduced new features to their Campaign Manager to make campaign setup easier than ever before. Campaigns with more than one audience can now be in a single campaign by using the new "and"/"or" function. Additionally, audience forecasting insights are available, giving advertisers a quicker access to the make-up of their target audiences.

LinkedIn rolled out new metrics for Leads, InMail and Video 

When viewing Demographic charts for campaigns, advertisers will now see column dropdowns that display views for Lead Gen Forms, Video, and InMail. This will only be shown if the selected campaigns fall into one of those categories. The new metrics available are: Leads (Impression, Lead Form Opens, Open Rate, Leads, Lead Form Completion Rate), InMail (Sends, Opens, Open Rate, Clicks, Clicks to Open Rate) and Video (Impressions, Views, View Rate, Completions, Completion Rate).


YouTube will discontinue support for third-party pixels 

Since 2017, advertisers were able to implement third-party measurement tags from vendors like Nielsen or comScore to measure campaigns cross-device and across the Google ecosystem (e.g., YouTube, Google Ads, DV360, etc.). According to Google, the cookie technology cannot keep up with users’ multi-device behavior and is facing privacy issues. Early next year, Google will therefore no longer allow advertisers to use third-party pixels on YouTube. Advertisers will need to rely on Google’s Ads Data Hub.

YouTube launched a new AR Beauty Try-On feature 

After an early alpha test this year, YouTube launched the AR Beauty Try-On feature. The new format is comparable to other AR experiences and allows users to virtually apply make-up products to see how they might look. Users can simply use the front camera of their smartphones. It is globally available for Mobile Masthead or TrueView Discovery.

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