Platform news September 2019

Posted on September 17, 2019

Facebook launched in-stream Video Ads, Twitter introduced its new desktop design and Youtube added Masthead Ads for all advertisers - Read more about the latest features on the Social Platforms.


Facebook launched Off-Facebook Activity tool: Last year, Facebook announced a new function that allows users to clear their history, i.e. to delete third-party data that is shared with Facebook by websites and apps. Now, Facebook has launched the Off-Facebook Activity tool for users in Ireland, South Korea and Spain. More regions will gradually be rolled out. While the tool is yet another step to ensure user privacy and react to recent scandals, it may undermine some targeting strategies. We will let you know when more information about its effects is published and when the feature is available in Germany. 

Facebook added bulk-editing capabilities for permission management: Granting or receiving access to accounts in the Business Manager is often a time-consuming task. Fortunately, the redesigned Business Manager now includes bulk editing capabilities for permission management. In the future, advertisers need to simply click the “Share Assets” button in the “Partners” section of the Business Settings. Here advertisers can quickly grant access to multiple assets (e.g. accounts, pixels, pages, etc.) in bulk. Along with the redesigned Ads Manager, these changes are part of the mission to make the platform easier and more convenient to use. 

Facebook added in-stream Video Ads to Facebook Gaming: Two years ago, Facebook launched its own sub-platform for sharing and consuming live streams of video game play-throughs. Compared to Twitch, Facebook Gaming focuses more on mobile games than traditional console gaming. In-stream Video Ads can now appear in live streams from a limited group of gaming partners which are selected and approved by Facebook. By default, this placement is activated for all in-stream ads. If advertisers do not want their ads to appear in Facebook Gaming, they need to opt out of the placement by selecting “Don’t show ads in these live streams” in the Placements section. 


Instagram introduced templates for Story Ads: Story templates are now available on Instagram. Advertisers can choose from a variety of templates to convert images into appealing Story Ads with ease. Currently, the new feature is exclusively available for the objectives traffic, conversions and mobile app installs. Further objectives as well as the support for Facebook and Messenger Stories will be added by the end of 2019. More detailed information on how to use the new feature can be found in Facebook’s Help Center.


Twitter launched its new desktop design: Twitter completely redesigned its desktop interface. Now, the desktop experience is more aligned with other devices. According to Twitter, the new website is also faster and easier to navigate. Additionally, they added the Explore feature to the Desktop version. Users may also use one of two new dark themes to customize their Twitter experience. From an advertising perspective, we recommend you check how your Twitter Ads appear in this new environment. 


Snapchat released Instant Create feature: Snapchat released a new feature called Instant Create that allows advertisers to generate ads for businesses in three simple steps: First, you choose the objective (increase web visits, app installs, or app visits), then enter the business website and finally, define your targeting. This feature allows advertisers with limited resources to quickly get started and reach engaged audiences. Snapchat differentiates between Instant Create and Advanced Create. While Advanced Create is a feature to create more complex campaign structures with multiple ads and targeting options, Instant Create is a simplified way to create a campaign with a single Ad. 


Masthead Ads on YouTube are now available to all advertisers: YouTube ended the beta-test of Masthead Ads. The attention-grabbing ad format appears as a large (interactive) banner on top of YouTube’s front page. Since February, they have been testing the format with selected advertisers. Now, all advertisers can book Masthead Ads either based on CPM or a cost per day pricing model.

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