Platform News 01 | 2020

Posted on February 05, 2020

The Platform News explains how TikTok is ensuring a family-friendly environment on its platform, why Instagram is testing Facebook's Brand Collabs Manager and how Facebook is continuing to provide more visibility and control for users. Also the platforms Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Linkedin have exciting updates to announce. 


Facebook gives users more transparency and control over the ads they see through Ad Library and Custom Audience lists

Facebook updated its Ad Library, in which users get an overview over all political and social issue ads that are running and have run in the past. Users will be able to see the estimated target audience size an advertiser wanted to reach with every political, electoral, or social issue ad. Moreover, it is now possible to search for ads with exact phrases, group similar ads, and use filters to better analyze results. By the end of January, Facebook will also give users control over how an advertiser can reach them with a Custom Audience that have been created from a CRM. Users will be able to select to stop seeing ads based on a list or make themselves eligible to see ads if an advertiser used a list to exclude them.  This feature will be available for all users and will apply to all advertisers even though they do not run political or social issue ads.


Instagram is testing Facebook´s Brand Collabs Manager to facilitate collaboration between brands and influencers

Lately, Instagram has been putting a lot of effort into supporting branded content and is now testing Facebook´s Brand Collabs Manager. This tool is meant to help brands connect with influencers for branded content partnerships and manage these relations. Brands will see insights into both Brand Collabs Manager and the Instagram app when being tagged in branded content. At the moment, this feature is in testing for a selected group of Instagram creators.


Twitter launched a new takeover ad product called Promoted Trend Spotlight as a complement to Twitter´s Promoted Trend

The Promoted Trend Spotlight is a highly visible new ad format which supports 6-second videos and Gifs, as well as static images. The ad appears in the top section of Twitter´s Explore tab for the first two visits per user per day. After those two impressions, the ad will move to the standard Promoted Trend placement. This feature is generally available in the US, the UK, and Japan, and is expanding to Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand.

Twitter will remove its Audience Insights tab from Twitter Analytics The Audience Insights tab was initially launched in 2015 to help brands discover valuable insights into their followers and the people who have engaged with their organic Tweets. Now, Twitter will remove its Audience Insights tab on January 30, 2020. At the moment, Twitter hasn´t provided any further information about alternatives to this feature. 


Pinterest rolled out Pinterest Trends which contains the top search queries 

 Pinterest keeps working on helping users and advertisers to get insights into the latest trends on the platform. Therefore, Pinterest launched Pinterest Trends which allows a look at the top search queries of users within the last twelve months. This tool helps advertisers determine how content performs and anticipates what users want to try, buy, and do next. At the moment, this feature is on a beta version and only available for the US.


Snapchat launched Trailer Reaction Lens which allows users to record themselves while watching a trailer

In cooperation with Paramount Pictures, Snapchat launched its new Augmented Reality Trailer Reaction Lens for the promotion of the film "Top Gun: Maverick." This new lens splits the screen into two parts. At the top, users can see the movie trailer, and on the bottom, they can see and record their reactions. This feature is already available in the US and Canada. Snapchat plans to expand the rollout to Germany, U.K., France, Brazil, and Mexico over the next few days. 


Roll out of three new LinkedIn Page features that will improve the engagement between brands and their community 

Three new features will help brands to engage with their community in a more personal and interactive way. With "Invite to Follow", page admins are now able to invite first-degree profile connections to follow their LinkedIn Page and grow their audience. Secondly, "LinkedIn Live" is now available on all pages which will enable brands to engage in a two-way conversation on-screen while driving real-time participation through comments. Lastly, page admins can choose whether they would like to post as an individual or as an organization.


TikTok updated its community guidelines to ban content embracing delinquent behavior and hate speech 

To create and maintain a family-friendly environment within its platform, TikTok released updated community guidelines. For example, the platform will no longer tolerate videos of underage users consuming or interacting with alcoholic beverages, drugs, or tobacco. TikTok will no longer allow content that depicts any kind of weapons, firearm accessories, or the manufacturing of weapons. In the attempt to avoid hate speech, they also banned content that incites verbal or physical violence based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, diseases, among others.

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