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Posted on May 12, 2020

Even though the mills are currently grinding more slowly in many areas due to the lockdown, this was not noticeable on the social platforms last month. In particular Facebook released many new features for advertisers, such as a new metric to measure the incremental impact of campaigns or a new design for video link ads. Here is an overview of the most important new features.



Campaign Budget Optimization will no longer be mandatory for ad accounts 

Facebook announced that they will no longer be pursuing a mandatory migration to Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) for ad accounts as announced in September 2019. With CBO, the algorithm optimizes budget allocation across the top-performing ad sets in a campaign. Now, all advertisers will have the option to select CBO or select budgets at ad set level. Facebook wants to provide advertisers with choice and flexibility regarding budgeting decisions in order to fulfill advertiser’s specific needs.

Launch of Google Impression Counting Integration to measure delivered Facebook impressions within Google Campaign Manager 

After a collaboration between Facebook and Google over the last year, Facebook launched an impression counting integration. This new feature allows advertisers to count Facebook impressions delivered to both browsers and apps more accurately within Google Campaign Manager. By the end of June 2020, Facebook plans to integrate impression counting capabilities for Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. This feature is not compatible with cookies. Therefore, view tags will no longer be able to measure reach or attribute measurement. No user identification data will be shared with Google or other partners to measure impressions.

New metric called "Incremental results" on Facebook Ads Manager allows advertisers to see the incremental impact of their campaigns Facebook Ads Manager has a new metric called "Incremental results," which counts  results that would not have happened without ads. Facebook does not count results from users who would have converted even if they had not seen the ads. This metric estimates incremental impact using a statistical model trained and validated on historical lift test data.

Test of new design for Video Link Ads to improve user experience Facebook is currently conducting a small test of various post-click experience designs for Video Link Ads in the mobile Newsfeed. When a user explores the Newsfeed and clicks on the video of a Video Link Ad directly, the video continues to play at the top screen after the click, while the landing page loads below. This test will run for about one month with a small percentage of users. If the results are positive, Facebook will consider introducing this feature on a broader basis.

In-Stream Ads can be placed in live streams of content creators More and more content creators are currently using live streams to stay in touch with their communities. To help them monetize their content and create value for people and advertisers, Facebook started testing In-Stream Ads within live streams with selected partners. Publishers eligible to include In-Stream Ads in their live streams will have to go through a special vetting process and must meet special content quality eligibility criteria. At the moment, only pre-vetted gaming partners are allowed. Facebook will slowly expand this feature to additional verticals such as entertainment, sports, beauty, and public figures in the coming weeks. 

Roll out of the Facebook Gaming mobile app to create and watch live gameplay Video games are winning popularity, and Twitch and YouTube are at the top when it comes to streaming platforms for the gaming community. Facebook wants to change that and according to The New York Times, Facebook rolled out the Facebook Gaming mobile app on Android. This is an app designed for creating and watching live gameplay. It includes casual games and access to gaming communities.

Addition of “Download Your Information” and “Download Your Data” on Facebook´s Data Access Tools To help users access data in meaningful ways and give more transparency into the data they collect to show ads and content, Facebook has added two sections to its Data Access Tools "Download Your Information" and "Download Your Data" for Facebook and Instagram. The first new section showing the interactions on both platforms such as profile updates, likes and comments. While the second section displays how users interact with and consume content on both platforms.


New creative optimization and variations for Instagram Story Ads 

To improve the experience within Instagram Story Ads, new creative optimizations and variations for Instagram Story Ads are now displayed when selecting a dynamic creative and using the "further enhancements" option. For example, cropping an image to full-screen portrait for stories or creating a story carousel display from a single image. These new options can be reviewed using the Preview tool in the Ads Manager.


Launch of new Messenger desktop app to meet the users’ needs 

After seeing more than a 100 percent increase in people using Messenger in their desktop browser for audio and video calls, Facebook launched a Messenger app for Windows and Mac. The app has the same features as the browser version, but it makes easier to keep the video calls, chats, and notifications handy.


Twitter is sharing more non-public personal information with business partners 

In order to help measure and optimize the effectiveness of ads on its platform, Twitter removed a privacy feature that prevented them from sharing information such as IP address and mobile device ID with third parties. From now on, this inform­ation will be shared by default and cannot be turned off. Users located in the EU, an EFTA state, or in the UK will have to opt-in if they want Twitter to share that non-public personal information.


New ways to make product discovery easier and to improve the shopping experience

Pinterest rolled out three updates designed to make product discovery easier. Firstly, a new "Shop" tab will appear on boards and “Search” to easily shop in-stock products from a range of retailers, including price and brand filters. Secondly, visual search is now integrated into Shoppable Pins. Lastly, when searching for home-related terms, browsable style guides will appear.


Snapchat Dynamic Ads are officially in open beta 

After great results during the closed beta phase and multiple improvements, Snapchat announced that the Dynamic Ads are officially in open beta. Dynamic Ads for webview campaigns will be available to everyone with a Product Catalog and an installed Snap Pixel. For more information, please approach your esome contact person.


Introduction of YouTube Video Builder tool to create videos with multiple layouts 

YouTube introduced Video Builder, a new tool that allows businesses to easily and cost-effectively create videos from scratch. With multiple layouts, it is possible to create short YouTube videos (6 seconds or 15 seconds) by animating static assets, such as images, texts, and logos, with music from its library. This tool is a free beta and everybody can sign up for access.

YouTube selected IAS for its YouTube Measurement Partner Program to offer advertisers granular control over their YouTube campaigns 

 YouTube selected the ad verification provider Integral Ad Science (IAS) for its YouTube Measurement Partner Program (YTMP). IAS was selected for the areas of "Brand Suitability & Contextual Targeting" and "Brand Safety Reporting." This means IAS will offer advertisers the most proactive protection and granular control over their YouTube campaigns.


Reddit rolled out the interactive voting feature Polls

To elevate Reddit’s diverse opinion-based content, Reddit rolled out Polls. This is an interactive voting feature that we know from platforms such as Facebook. Redditors can share their opinion by voting on questions shared by other Redditors. Reddit Polls will be available for all communities, except for text-only groups. We will inform you if this feature gets advertising relevant in the near future.

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