esome is building and maintaining its own core technology, as we strongly believe that we should have full control over all aspects of our business. By eliminating dependencies to 3rd party systems, we are able to react instantly to industry movements and customer demands. Our development philosophy is built around seven core principles.


We thrive to always rethink our approaches and we're never satisfied with the status quo. We are also aware that we don't need to follow every trend. Based on our experience, external consultants and recommendations from industry leading experts, we ensure that we build for today, but plan for tomorrow.


Every single aspect of our processes, teams, software architecture and infrastructure is built to scale. We rely on agile processes, virtualization, container-based deployments and built-in redundancy in the core of our application. So no matter if we run 1 campaign or 10.000 - our solution grows with the demand. This growth cannot only be triggered from the inside but also from the outside: we can even integrate customer-specific solutions in our stack.


The only constant is change. The industry changes, the ecosystem develops, technical requirements get redefined constantly. We built our technology from the ground up to be flexible and maintainable, e.g. by leveraging microservice-based Architecture, REST-APIs (internally and externally) and processes that foster knowledge-transfer within our development teams.

Separation of concerns

While our system looks like a highly integrated solution to address all the needs of modern Social Advertising from the outside, we try to avoid exactly that in the background. A clear separation of responsibilities not only on a technical level, but also on a team level ensures that we can manage complexity at any point. This allows us to react quickly to changing requirements and also enables us to ensure highest availability of our technology.

The right tool for the right job

There is no generic "right" technology to fulfill all our programming needs. For every part of the system that we create we research properly and select the right tools, to be able to solve specific advertising problems of our clients. 

Releasing is better than developing

It is not seldom, that the development of new features and solutions is in the focus of evolving tools. We think that solving problems should be the nucleus of creating technology. Our workflow and our architecture allow us to easily update our software multiple times a day without any downtime in between.

User-Feedback first

We strongly believe that technology has no end in itself. It will always be measured by what people can do with it and what people achieve. Good software should help user instead of hindering them. This is why we involve user-feedback from the first idea till the final deployment in our workflows. And as we have one of the biggest and certainly the most charismatic team of power-user sitting door-to-door to our engineers, we can ensure that we get qualified, first-hand feedback from highly professional user.

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