Service Approach

Our service offering is characterized by a holistic approach. Sustainable advertising success can only be achieved by conscientious consulting in preparation of a campaign, by determined campaign optimisation and continuously deriving learnings from previous campaigns.

Strategic Consulting

Be it an anual strategy or a product launch, branding or performance, always-on or single flight - we join you at an early stage of planning your campaign and advise you on how to achieve your objectives most effectively on social networks. Our consultation is independent, of long duration, comprehensive and targeted. We are here to help you master the complexity of social advertising as well as pursue the best strategies. On the foundation of experience and expertise our teams of experts make sure your campaigns will be successfully executed. 


The end of a campaign is not the end of our efforts. The quality and granularity of data which social networks provide should absolutely be used to learn more about your target groups and generate learnings for other advertising channels. This can not only be done with a data analysis in retrospect but can also be initiated in the planning phase and executed with a correspondant campaign setup.


As a Social Advertising expert we cultivate close relationships to all platforms and we are familiar with well-tried as well as innovative advertising options. Our comprehensive knowledge enables us to recommend exactly those platforms to clients that helps them to achieve their marketing objectives. For us, independence is one of the greatest values which we pursue in client consultation. Our clients are most satisfied when their objectives have been reached effeciently. To guarantee that, we exclusively recommend platforms and formats that contribute to their objectives. This approach includes to say "No" sometimes and to challenge our decisions permanently.


Targeted execution, continuous optimization and guidance as well as an open and direct communication are the main pillars of a successful social advertising strategy. In the course of a campaign the optimization follows previously determined strategies and target values. It includes all planning dimensions from the choice of creatives, over the granular targeting, the adaption of bidding types and bidding amounts, to the right choice of measurement methods.

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