Social Solutions

Advertisers often need solutions for simple problems: they want to lead interested visitors to their website, they want to communicate video content with a lasting effect or reach maximum awareness. esome developed solutions that are as uncomplicated as these problems.

Qualified Website Traffic

In many digital fields clicks are the most relevant result - the more clicks, the more successful the campaign. But advertisers do not only want more website visitors, they want the consumers to stay on the website and deal with the brand or its products. esome developed a product that exactly meets this need: You determine what makes a website visitors relevant for you and we guide those visitors to your website for a fixed price.

Social CPcV

Videos are an attention-raising medium. Full-video creates emotional situations and increases the effect of advertising more than static images. Moreover, video can carry more information than text-image combinations - as long as the view time is relevant. With Social CPcV you can buy completed views for a fixed price and you can be sure that your brand message reaches the desired target group.

Social Blockbuster

Raising full attention on social networks in one day requires a lot of coordination. Every platform offers different opportunities, requirements and lead times. With the esome Social Blockbuster you give the coordination of your branding measures up to esome. The relation to our contacts at the different platforms facilitates an effecient communication and due to our knowledge about the diverse ad formats we can care for a timely execution of all formats.

Local Booster

In times of smartphones and mobile internet the city light posters in this world constantly lose attention from bypassing people - staring at their smartphones no one has an eye for a billboard. With hyper-regional targeting options on social networks, advertisers can furthermore reach their relevant target groups in the right moment to bait people into their shops. With the esome Local Booster you benefit from the advantages of intelligent and partly dynamic regional marketing without needing to implement the complex campaign set-up on your own.

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