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Social Blockbuster

Maximized share of voice across all social platforms on one to four days. 

  • Guaranteed number of impressions across social platforms
  • Maximized share of voice through short-term "big bang" awareness campaigns 
  • Profit of price advantages by advance booking and platform bundling

True Reach

True x-channel reach based on users, not cookies - on target and unique. 

  • Risk transfer model (only pay for real media KPI)
  • Holistic approach across the social universe and display world aiming for an effective and true (net) reach approach 
  • Standalone in the market - this reach approach is only bookable at esome and not at any other media provider 
  • Nielsen verification

Brand Viewability

Data-driven awareness maximization within your target group across all digital channels. 

  • Complex data strategies to reach the right audience - across multiple digital properties and channels
  • IAS verification: view-ability measurement as part of the media solution 
  • vCPM Billing: client only pays for impressions that were view-able (please look at requirements)

Local Booster

Boost your local business.


Pay for completed views – not impressions, on all social and digital video platforms.

  • Completed View billing: Only pay for completed views
  • Risk-transfer solution 
  • IAS verification

Qualified Website Traffic

Pay for visitors, not for clicks! 

  • Billing on qualified visits only instead of clicks (risk-transfer)
  • Eliminate wasted media on fat finger traffic and other misclicks

esome CPX

Real-time conversion optimization across all channels.

  • CPO/CPL deal, executed across digital media channels
  • Risk transfer model (client only pays for real media KPI) 
  • Holistic cross channel approach across the social universe and display world with a unified measurement approach integrating all channels used by esome 
  • esome is handling all relevant performance channels except Search - this reduces client's partner management efforts

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