X-Channel Solutions

An increasing net reach, cross-channel storytelling and the precise adress of potential customers - With our X-Channel Solutions you can reach the right person within all social networks and programmatic environments.

Reach Maximizer

One main goal of branding campaigns is to generate the highest reach possible within the relevant target audience and hence maximize the awareness within the target group. However users often are adressed with the same ad through different channels, due to separate mediaplanning and a separate set-up on each channel. With the esome Reach Maximizer we garantuee a fix minimum number of addressed unique users and thereby increase your net reach in social media and display environments.
Holistically optimized by us and verified by idependent providers.

Frequency Targeting

Advertising messages will remain in our memory, if we see them regularly but also not too often.
Complementary to digital or classical mediaplanning, advertisers can reach relevant users with the help of our Frequency Targeting within all social networks and display environments. This way they can reach users, they did not reach at all or did not reach often enough through other channels.

Funnel retargeting/storytelling

Stories can move people and therefore remain in their consciousness. By connecting the address of target audiences in social media and display environments, advertisers are able to tell a consistent story and pick up users at the right place and right time. With our solution approach, the Funnel retargeting/storytelling, we are able to execute your advertising message cross-channel and address user across all marketing funnel stages. Let us tell your story.


One of the difficulties advertisers face, is to track potential customers and address them without big scatter losses.
Advertisers already have the best foundation close to hand to do so: Information about the browse-behaviour of their website visitors. We start at that exact point and use this information in combination with other data sources. This way we are able to address users cross-channel in social networks and display environments, who resemble those website visitors in their browse-behaviour and other characteristics that already executed a desired action. This approach allows an efficient, synchronised and very precise generation of potential new customers across all online channels.

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