esome co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Manuel König faces new challenges

Five years after founding the media outcome company esome, co-founder Manuel König will be taking on new challenges.

Platform news 05 | 2020

Facebook has continued to work on the platform's transparency and brand safety, while LinkedIn has created more opportunities for businesses to interact with the community despite social distancing through virtual events and new poll options. Find here an overview of all new features on the social networks.

Dispelling the biggest myths about social media marketing

Being an important part of the overarching digital marketing strategy, social media advertising offers advertisers precise options to support and to reach individual marketing goals. However, several myths about social platforms persist and may influence advertiser’s marketing activities. We have uncovered the biggest myths and provide helpful tips for advertisers to use the network’s full potential and to reach the best possible media outcome. 

Platform news 04 | 2020

Even though the mills are currently grinding more slowly in many areas due to the lockdown, this was not noticeable on the social platforms last month. In particular Facebook released many new features for advertisers, such as a new metric to measure the incremental impact of campaigns or a new design for video link ads. Here is an overview of the most important new features.

esome publishes Market Insights Q1 | 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic had a strong impact on the economy and the advertising market in the past quarter. In our Market Insights we analyse the current market and price developments on social platforms and examine the effects of different scenarios for a possible development of the advertising market in the coming months.

Platform News 03 | 2020

There are exciting questions to be answered this month about the latest platform updates: What are the advantages of the new design of the Facebook Messenger App? Which popular ad format is Twitter testing and which Pinterest features will be especially interesting for retailers? The answers are summarized with the most important updates from LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit and YouTube in our Platform News.

esome service in times like these

Dear partners, while we are glad to know that all esome colleagues are safe, we sincerely hope this message finds you well. Our thoughts are with those of you dealing with the disruption to your health, families and businesses. We hope, all of you will get through this critical time safely.
In order to keep business-related disruptions as low as possible, we would like to update you on how esome will continue to operate over the coming weeks.

Platform News 02 | 2020

You wonder who will be the star of Snapchat's Bitmoji TV, what new feature will allow Pinterest users to virtually test products and what other updates the social media platforms have to announce? We have summarized all the exciting platform updates for you in our Platform News. 

Platform News 01 | 2020

The Platform News explains how TikTok is ensuring a family-friendly environment on its platform, why Instagram is testing Facebook's Brand Collabs Manager and how Facebook is continuing to provide more visibility and control for users. Also the platforms Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Linkedin have exciting updates to announce. 

esome publishes Market Insights for Q4 | 2019

The fourth quarter including Black Friday and the busy Christmas season was the most competitive quarter in 2019. In our Market Insights we analyse the current market and price developments on social platforms and give an outlook on which new advertising inventories and advertising formats will have a positive effect on the price development in 2020.

Platform news January 2020

Facebook launched Self-Service Brand Lift and rolled out a new feature to create and save custom metrics for reports. Twitter launched Brand Survey, helping advertisers to measure how their campaigns are driving brand awareness and Pinterest launched Shop that showcases the product catalogs of small businesses. 

Platform News December 2019

Facebook launched Learning Phase Insights, Twitter banned Political Ads and published its rules and guidelines, Google launched Shopping Ads on YouTube that will forward users to an external landing page, TikTok is testing Cost-per-Click and Optimized CPC ad pricing.   

esome publishes Market Insights for Q3 | 2019

The third quarter surprised with rising advertising spending in late summer, Pinterest continued to impress with very good performance figures for video and Black Friday was already casting its shadows at the turn of the quarter - our Market Insights provide an overview of the current market and price developments on the social platforms.

Platform news November

Facebook rolled out Search Ads to all advertisers, LinkedIn Campaign manager added demographic forecast, and YouTube will discontinue support for third-party pixels. Find here the most important updates from the social platforms at a glance.

Platform news October 2019

The US elections cast their shadows ahead, shopping formats will be expanded on several platforms, Facebook launches new formats as well as Facebook Dating - the list of platform updates in October is long.   

Social Advertising for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday is the starting signal for the Christmas shopping season and causes high advertising and competitive pressure on the social platforms every year. At this time, advertisers need a lot of attention to promote their special promotions for Black Week. With our specially developed packages, advertisers get full attention on the social platforms with a guaranteed impressions at a fixed price. 

Platform news September 2019

Facebook launched in-stream Video Ads, Twitter introduced its new desktop design and Youtube added Masthead Ads for all advertisers - Read more about the latest features on the Social Platforms.

Platform news August 2019

This August is full of interesting new features for advertisers and users. Features include Facebook changing the format of the mobile news feed and announcing a budget optimization for campaigns, Instagram launching ads in Explore and YouTube augmented reality ads. All relevant information about the innovations on the social platforms can be found here.

esome publishes Market Insights Q2 | 2019

Market and price developments on the social platforms at a glance: The esome Market Insights give social advertisers a comprehensive overview of the last quarter's developments on the social platforms. 

Woman in Tech - Interview mit Frederike Busch

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector — myth or reality?  An interview from JAXenter with our Team Lead Marketing Frederike Busch.

Platform news July 2019

July was once again filled with new and interesting features on the Social Platforms: New features in the Facebook Creation Kit, new ad possibilities in the Facebook Audience Network, Snapchat launched In-App Stores and Pinterest implemented a Complete the Look tool. Read more about the exciting news this month here.

Platform news June 2019

Facebook introduced a new user tool and updated its ad policies. Instagram launched Shoppable Tags, Snapchat Snap Select, LinkedIn Ad Tags, and XING new ad placements. Get more news from the social platforms here.

esome publishes Media Market Insights Q1 | 2019

Market and price developments on the social platforms at a glance: The esome Market Insights give social advertisers a comprehensive overview of the last quarter's developments on the social platforms. 

Platform News May 2019

Facebook increased the brand safety of their platform, Instagram rolled out Dynamic Ads for Stories, Snapchat introduced Snap Games and LinkedIn launched new responses to posts - Read more about the latest features on the Social Media Platforms.

#OMR19 – We did not hate it at all!

Colourful - loud - bold - and heaps of input and innovations! This year's Online Marketing Rockstars Festival has excelled itself once again: Over 52.000 visitors, more than 400 exhibitors and top speakers came to the 90.000 sqm area on the exhibition grounds in Hamburg.

New looks for esome

More clarity and room for the important things -  we have reworked our branding and proudly present the new design. 

Platform news April 2019

A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month - Facebook rolled out Collaborative Ads, Snapchat introduced Commercial Ads, LinkedIn added targeting possibilities and Pinterest launched new shopping features. Read more about the latest features on the Social Platforms.

Digital Advertising for Easter and Mother's Day

Easter and Mother's Day is just around the corner - Time to get ready for these upcoming holidays. With the exclusive esome blockbuster packages, advertisers can get guaranteed Impressions at a fixed price. 

Digital Advertising for Football Season

Goals, blatant dive, offside and penalty: Soon the football season starts. With specially designed inventory packages we ensure brands to get the full attention despite the football noise and the flood of advertisements.

Happy Birthday esome and Happy Anniversary Stefanie and Meiken!

We celebrated our 4th birthday in January 2019 and look back on four exciting and successful years. Right from the start our esome veterans Stefanie Keckeis and Meiken Ehlers, both Director Media Operations, have been passionate about it. We say THANK YOU! for the valuable work & the untiring commitment and have a few questions.

Platform News March 2019

Besides new features on Facebook and Instagram, advertisers can also enjoy updates from Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit. Read more about the latest features on social media platforms.

esome Social Advertising price index Q4|2018

The fourth quarter in social advertising surprised with lower CTRs and a low CPM. Not as surprisingly are the trends around Stories: this price index covers the development from feed usage to story usage and its importance for advertising activities.

Social Advertising on Valentine's Day | esome campaign analysis

Valentine's Day let advertisers' hearts beat faster and resulted in an uplift of advertising spend and a good campaign performance on the social networks. esome analyzed and evaluated the Valentine's Day campaigns on social media.

Platform News February 2019

Last month, there were some news on the social networks again. In addition to new advertising options on Facebook and Instagram, advertisers can also enjoy news from Xing and LinkedIn. Here is an overview of the exciting updates.

Social Advertising for Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is the world's largest mobile event and offers advertisers the ideal time to promote their latest innovations. Before and during the MWC, advertisers will get full attention on the social media with the Limited Edition of the esome Social Blockbuster.

Platform News January 2019

For advertisers, there were exciting updates, expanded advertising opportunities and rollouts of new formats on the social networks at the beginning of the year. An overview of the latest features can be found here. 

Social Advertising for Valentine's Day

You need a lot of attention to convince the lovers of your brand before Valentine's Day. With the full attention on social media, the emotions of the lovebirds can be aroused for your products or services.

Platform News December 2018

Facebook announced Custom Audience update, Snapchat launched Shows in Germany, Pinterest launched a new advertising format and Youtube tested a new ad format - A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month. Read more about the latest features on social media platforms.

Branding-Kampagnen auf Facebook erstellen – so geht’s!

Branding-Kampagnen auf Facebook erreichen Millionen User. Doch: Wie funktionieren die Kampagnen? Wir verraten Tipps und Tricks für den Erfolg. 

Social Advertising analysis - Black Friday 2018

Black Friday officially heralds the Christmas shopping season and lures customers with special offers. The advertising industry experiences a small peak around Black Friday and we analyzed what happened in Social Advertising.

Plattform News November 2018

New buying options and optimization options on Facebook, roll out of Snap Originals and Shoppable Snap Ads on Snapchat, new advertising formats and targeting options on Twitter and YouTube -A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month! Read more about the latest features on Facebook & Co.

Full speed through the social funnel | DS Automobiles Case Study

Exploring innovative possibilities of social advertising and experiencing its added value while generating traffic, conversions and leads for car configurations and test drives.

esome Social Advertising price index Q3|2018

The third social advertising quarter of 2018 has been characterized by decreasing advertising spend. Advertisers benefitted from rather low prices on social networks. 

Small budget, great achievement? Hyperlocal targeting makes it possible. | esome Case Study

Generating brand attention and increasing recognition at DMEXCO by targeting marketing professionals precisely in a certain location at certain times during the tradeshow days. With this approach we accompanied DMEXCO visitors with different creatives throughout their DMEXCO days, using our own technology

esome Christmas Solutions

In less than 70 days is Christmas - time for advertisers to plan their Christmas campaigns. This time of the year poses many challenges for advertisers, that we can easily and simply solve with our esome solutions. 

Platform News October 2018

Facebook rolled out Facebook Watch and Story Ads, Xing added further targeting options and Youtube launched Vertical Ads - A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month. Read more about the latest features on Facebook & Co.

Raising brand attention through Video Views in an innovative cross channel approach - Wilkinson Case Study

Wilkinson combined social and display advertising to deliver their marketing message effectively utilizing completed Video Views.

Platform News September 2018

Facebook started to update its video metrics, WhatsApp started its Business App for small and medium-sized enterprises and YouTube launched a test of Stories - A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month! Read more about the latest features on Facebook & Co.

Networking for more platform diversity

On the eve of dmexco 2018, representatives of multiple social networks met above the rooftops of Cologne to learn tips and tricks for a successful entry into the German digital advertising market.

Platform News August 2018

More transparency on ads and pages on Facebook, new community features on Instagram and an Ads Transparency Center on Twitter- A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month! Read more about the latest features on Facebook & Co.

Branding and Performance in one approach | Weight Watchers Case Study

For the diet program Weight Watchers, esome ran a successful social campaign on Facebook and Instagram, in which the two campaign goals branding and performance were combined in one approach.

esome Social Advertising Preis Index Q2|2018

Der Index Q2/2018 befasst sich neben den Preis-Entwicklungen auf den einzelnen Plattformen sowie den Auswirkungen der Fußball-WM auf die Werbeaktivitäten auf Social. Er dient Werbetreibenden als Orientierung für künftige Kampagnen auf den interaktiven Plattformen.

The FIFA World Cup on Social

While soccer fans all over the world cheered on their favorite team, advertisers in Germany used the World Cup to take advantage of this emotional event. Our FIFA World Cup analysis highlights the World Cup's influence on Social Advertising activities. 

Platform News July 2018

Promoted Job Postings on Facebook, IGTV on Instagram and Sound Responding Lenses on Snapchat - A lot has happened on the platforms over the past month! Read more about the latest features on Facebook & Co.

5 tips to become a social media advertising expert

Job titles in online marketing are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow. In such a relatively young and dynamic industry, much is being redefined. However, this means that two companies can describe completely different roles with the same job title, for example in social media marketing.

We’re updating our Terms and Conditions (state: June 27th, 2017​)

esome Advertising Technologies GmbH changes their terms and conditions – as to be seen here (state: June 27th, 2017).

esome price index Q1/2018

The new year has begun and the advertising industry calms down. Learn how the first quarter of 2018 developed on Social Media in our current price index.

Online Marketing Rockstars 2018 - Pictures

During the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2018 we were excited to meet up with the Who-is-Who of the online marketing industry in Hamburg. 

Price index Q4/2017

Increasing budgets, increasing prices and a review of last year: the Q4/2017 price index illuminates the advertising year 2017 on all platforms and shows what impact the christmas season has on social advertising. 

ProSiebenSat.1 acquires majority share in social advertising company esome

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE acquires the majority share in esome advertising technologies, the leading social advertising provider within the DACH region.

10 tips for Facebook video campaigns

10 easy steps to boost your video campaign on Facebook.

esome becomes Twitter Official Partner

We are proud to announce that we have once again proven our Twitter advertising expertise and are rewarded with the Twitter Official Partner badge. After having become a fully integrated Twitter Ads partner in April 2016 we intensified the collaboration with Twitter and are now officially recognized by Twitter for our planning and execution expertise on the social media platform. Working with the first German Twitter Official Partner, our clients will benefit from early access to new features.

Facebook Advertising for Christmas

By booking your Christmas campaigns early with Reach & Frequency on Facebook, you will save money and get a lot more for your budget.

Advertising on Snapchat

Snapchat scores by adding a number of new advertising possibilities to the German market, but advertisers react reluctant so far. That's why we will explain the different ad formats and how to use this platform best, in our Snapchat Special. 

Netzwirtschaft: An interview with Manuel König

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at esome advertising, Manuel König, accounts for exclusive customer relations, the development of holistic media solutions as well as the internationalization of the company.

Website Custom Audiences explained

One of the supreme disciplines in Marketing is winning new customers: first of all, the potentially new customers have to be indicated to the portfolio of the advertiser and have to be convinced, that this is exactly what they require to fulfill their needs. At this point it is a lot more easy to adress people, who have already been active or purchased something on the providers website. Through Facebook Retargeting providers have a lot of different possibilities to (re-)activate their clients or interested user. 

Less is more: Which channel suits my marketing objectives best?

The social media world is chaning permanently and becomes more complex as new platforms enter the market. Almost on a daily basis innovations require fundamental knowledge about the different social networks and the comprehension of how to use them wisely. 

esome launches intelligent weather targeting feature

esome advertising launches a new weather targeting feature which enables esome to adjust social media campaigns subject to local weather conditions. The new targeting feature supports all Facebook as well as Instagram formats. 

esome recognized as member of Instagram Partner Program

esome advertising announced that it was recognized as one of the initial members of the Instagram Partner Program, a new program that distinguishes companies and their capabilities to run effective advertising campaigns, manage communities, source and deliver content on Instagram.

Expanded solution for CRM based targeting on Facebook

In partnership with Acxiom, a leading service provider for data, analytics and software-as-a-service-solutions, esome offers an automated solution for using offline customer data for Facebook advertisting.

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