Advertising Benchmarks

at Your Fingertips

Unlock data-driven marketing with our comprehensive benchmark tool. Analyze market-wide campaign performance data, evaluate platforms, plan ahead, benchmark against your industry, and outperform your competition. Welcome to the future of digital advertising.

From Guessing to Knowing

Learn what millions of campaign data signals can do for you.

Comparative Analyses

Do you know what CPM can be considered adequate within the fashion industry? On TikTok? Using search ads? During the summer season? Detailed comparative analyses give you the answers to these questions – and many more.

Collective Intelligence

Our innovative benchmarking tool uses a crowd-sourced approach – fueled by anonymized campaign data from you and other advertisers. By connecting your anonymized campaign performance data you gain exclusive access to comprehensive benchmarks.

Data Privacy by Design

We prioritize data privacy by anonymizing all information, ensuring companies’ sensitive details remain secure. This process encourages data sharing, allowing us to compile and analyze the data to deliver valuable comparisons and insights.

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