speed interview with esome

"The best ideas come in the shower?" STELL-MICH-EIN got to the heart of the matter with us in a speed interview, and we were happy to answer any questions.

June 30, 2022

On behalf of esome, our Senior People and Culture Manager, Xenia Blawazki, fielded questions, dispelled myths, and succinctly summed up our culture in a speed interview with STELL-MICH-EIN.

Published on 13.05.2022 on the STELL-MICH-EIN website.

This time, applicants and candidates can sit back and relax, because now we’re aiming for an agency: esome is answering our questions.

Please introduce yourselves in 3 sentences: Moin, we are esome, the Media Outcome Manager from Hamburg. Specializing in digital advertising, we help large companies like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, and Seat achieve their advertising goals in the digital world. To do this, we develop software, analyze target groups, identify effective media channels, design media strategies, create campaigns on social media and in the programmatic environment, analyze performance, and advise clients.

You’re all under 30, aren’t you? No, we have a diverse team comprising students, young and experienced professionals, as well as moms and dads.

Are you nocturnal workaholics? Not at all. The days when employees work late into the night have long been numbered at our company. Those who stay late in the evening do so voluntarily, probably taking advantage of our flexible working hours to make up for a long lunch break or time spent in the gym. A sustainable workload is enormously important to us, as it’s the only way to keep talented people with us long-term.

The best ideas always come to you in the shower, right? Since our focus is more on analytical, strategic, or communicative work, most esomies probably get their best ideas while talking to colleagues or looking at an Excel spreadsheet.

Post-It, notebook, or digital notes? Each as they like. Most people, however, probably use a digital tool to organize their work and keep track of agreements. This way, notes are always at hand – whether in the office, at home, or elsewhere. We have many programs, from Asana and Trello to Confluence, Slack, and Microsoft To-Do, that can be used ideally for this purpose. A paperless office and the possibility to share your thoughts with others very transparently are included.

Agency bike, gym membership, … – what goodies await your new employees?

We’ve stepped up our game in recent years. In addition to the 30 days of vacation, flexible working hours, and a mobile work policy that allows employees to work several weeks a year from other EU countries, we also offer the opportunity to take a sabbatical after 2.5 years. Employees are also given an additional day of their choice to engage in social activities and thus give something back to society. Since the health of our team is enormously important to us, we support a healthy lifestyle through Urban Sports Club benefits and offer fresh fruit and vegetables every week in addition to a cereal bar in the office. We regularly plan joint activities away from the daily work routine to strengthen our team culture. There is a hefty subsidy for the HVV ProfiTicket, a state-of-the-art office with ergonomically designed workstations, a modern IT infrastructure, and a fridge full of drinks on top.

Are you like one big family? No, we prefer to compare ourselves to a sports team where everyone works toward the same common goal, motivating and supporting each other and improving the results. That’s why cohesion, motivation, and fun are essential to us.

How can an unprepared talent convince you? With lots of exciting questions and an authentic demeanor. A quick grasp, analytical skills, and passion for the job and our industry can also be convincing.