We face any advertising challenge

We help advertisers achieve their advertising goals along the entire customer journey.

Targeting Matters

  • In-Audience billing
  • Cross-inventory optimization

  • Validated target groups

Save the TV Reach

  • Reduction of overlaps between TV and digital audience
  • Reaching all TV households

  • High-quality data basis on 12.5 million TV contact points

Reaching TV Audiences Without Television

  • Address relevant TV viewers via digital media

  • No need to run own TV campaign

  • Use of high-quality TV data

Boost Your Reach

  • Maximize attention in a short time
  • High target group awareness in a few days
  • Efficient cost-inventory combination

Impress Visibly

  • Cross-inventory visibility optimization
  • Provides a base for advertising effectiveness
  • Pay only for visible advertising contacts

Top-Level Awareness

  • Bundled attention on all digital video inventories
  • Achieves TV-like advertising contacts

  • Pay only for fully watched video-ads

Traffic Without Channel Chaos

  • Combines all relevant digital inventories

  • Reach click-ready target groups efficiently

  • Risk reduction of click price volatility

Customer Journey with Happy End 

  • Scale digital customer relationships
  • API-based access to all performance-relevant inventories

  • Data-driven conversions boost