KPI Media Products

Complex campaigns
can be easy

Our KPI Media Products offer innovative approaches and provide answers for every advertising challenge. We guarantee you both price and quantity of the relevant metrics (e.g. videos viewed, viewable impressions or high-quality clicks).

This makes using our KPI Media Products particularly convenient, efficient and secure for you. So you can master even complex challenges with ease.

Targeting Matters

  • In-Audience billing
  • Cross-inventory optimization

  • Validated target groups

Save the TV Reach

  • Reduction of overlaps between TV and digital audience
  • Reaching all TV households

  • High-quality data basis on 12.5 million TV contact points

Reaching TV Audiences Without Television

  • Address relevant TV viewers via digital media

  • No need to run own TV campaign

  • Use of high-quality TV data

Boost Your Reach

  • Maximize attention in a short time
  • High target group awareness in a few days
  • Efficient cost-inventory combination

Impress Visibly

  • Cross-inventory visibility optimization
  • Provides a base for advertising effectiveness
  • Pay only for visible advertising contacts

Top-Level Awareness

  • Bundled attention on all digital video inventories
  • Achieves TV-like advertising contacts

  • Pay only for fully watched video-ads

Master of Storytelling

  • Transforms TV contacts for the digital world
  • Retargeting on a new level

  • Targeted implementation of storytelling approaches

Traffic Without Channel Chaos

  • Combines all relevant digital inventories

  • Reach click-ready target groups efficiently

  • Risk reduction of click price volatility

Customer Journey with Happy End 

  • Scale digital customer relationships
  • API-based access to all performance-relevant inventories

  • Data-driven conversions boost