What propels us? | Mission and Vision

A corporate vision makes it possible to define an emotional identity and to direct the thoughts and actions of the employees towards a goal.

However, a vision is only as good as the employees who have internalized it and work towards it daily. Over time, this goal can lose focus, and the link with daily work can be missing. Also, the concept can seem overwhelming and intangible to newbies.

That is why the idea to implement a theme week arose to intensify and strengthen the understanding of the vision and mission.

Aleksandra, Data & BI

“It was beneficial, and the learning curve couldn´t be more triggered. I especially noticed that I was terrible during the first games and didn´t understand many terms, and later I participated more easily. The story around Vision & Mission Week was also exciting, and we could see how much effort the team put into it.”

At the beginning of the planning process, two goals were set:

First, formats had to be created so esomies would gain more understanding of the vision’s and mission’s deeper meaning.

The second goal was to clarify how everyone’s daily doing contributes to the big picture. In the classic esome way of working, a project group from different departments quickly came together.

Based on the self-chosen metaphor “space travel,” interactive formats were developed in the form of games and competitions. The esomies were to solve tasks to strengthen the understanding of our vision and mission, thus making them more transparent.

We embedded a small, overarching story into the week to link all the individual actions together and maintain an arc of tension. In keeping with the theme of “space travel,” an esome embarks on a journey to reach the North Star esome. There, based on the vision & mission, he is supposed to find the meaning of his everyday work. On his way, various tasks have to be completed. The participants of Vision & Mission Week were able to help him with this. The story’s frame was told by self-made videos, which added some fun and lightness to the theme week and increased the motivation to participate. In addition to the playful challenges, special Consultation Hours with our CSO Robert Schöne offered the opportunity for discussion and exchange on the company’s vision and mission, and interviews with our CEOs Christoph Brust and Stefan Wiegreffe strengthened understanding.

Desirée, People & Culture

“The week around our mission and vision was great! It was an inspiration to see how the project group was highly motivated and came up with many significant actions to make the topic more tangible throughout the company.”

With an internal survey, we finally verified that the understanding of the vision and mission and the connection to the daily work was significantly increased by the theme week. Overall, our Mission & Vision Week was a great success for us and showed us how important and motivating it is to pursue a mission and always keep the goal in sight. In addition, the week brought us closer as a team and showed the esomies once again that each individual contributes to the company’s success.