The future starts today: World Clean-Up Day in Belgrade

Small steps, big impact: our participation in this year's World Clean-Up Day in Belgrade set again an example of sustainability and the visible difference we can make as a community.

The call for sustainable action is louder than ever in today’s world. Corporate responsibility is no longer a choice but a necessity, as the impact of sustainability affects us all. This year, we have undertaken numerous actions alongside our regular business to emphasize our sustainability commitment and raise awareness of the topic. One of these initiatives was our renewed participation in Clean-Up Day in Belgrade. It’s a global, annual event that brings together communities, organizations, and individuals on a mission to clean up, maintain, and restore parks, beaches, streets, and natural environments.

It was a September evening when we gathered on the banks of the Sava River in Belgrade after work. We were determined to make a difference by working together to protect the environment. Our goal was to collect rubbish and clean up our surroundings. This break from our daily routines gave us a sense of deeper meaning. Clean-Up Day is always special because it creates a unique atmosphere. We can immediately see the impact of our collective efforts on our environment. This underlines the enormous difference small actions can have, especially when everyone works together. Promoting this joint commitment is essential, conveying the message that sustainability is a collective concern that everyone must support.

We will be part of the World Clean-Up Day again next year. In the meantime, we are planning more initiatives to help create a more sustainable environment. Our next project in Belgrade is already planned out, and we will be planting trees together to give our environment a new lease of life.