Political discourse on X

X allows political advertising and takes action for authentic political exchange: the platform brings together more than half a billion people worldwide to discuss their interests in real-time, including election-related issues. X enables direct interaction with elected officials, local and national leaders, and fellow citizens on important issues.

September 29, 2023

During electoral periods, X takes proactive measures to counter various strategies individuals employ to manipulate the process. The platform achieves this by hiring competent personnel, revising their policies, and advancing the platform.

  • X is presently expanding their teams dedicated to safety and electoral matters, combating manipulation, identifying inauthentic accounts, and closely monitoring the platform for emerging threats.

  • The platform has established rules to safeguard the safety and authenticity of discussions on X. The Civic Integrity Policy provides an additional layer of protection during elections that is enforced for a limited duration before and during an election. X is updating this policy to strike the right balance between addressing the most harmful types of content that could intimidate or deceive individuals into relinquishing their right to participate in civic processes and avoiding censorship of political debates. This policy will also align with the updated enforcement philosophy, “Freedom of Speech, Not Reach.” X will attach publicly visible labels to posts identified as potentially violating the Civic Integrity Policy, informing users when their content’s reach has been restricted.

  • The platform will also permit political advertising in line with X’s commitment to free expression. Beginning in the United States, X will continue to apply specific policies to paid-for promoted political content. This includes the prohibition of promoting false or misleading material, including information intended to undermine public trust in an election, while preserving a space for free and open political discourse. Additionally, X will establish a global advertising transparency center to enable everyone to review political content being promoted on X, along with rigorous screening processes to ensure that only eligible groups and campaigns can advertise.

  • X continues expanding Community Notes, an innovative tool that empowers a vetted and growing community to provide context to posts when they identify misinformation, inaccuracies, or the need for an alternative perspective. X’s role should not be to ascertain the truthfulness of disputed information; instead, the platform aims to empower X’s users to express their opinions and engage in open debates during elections following the commitment to safeguarding freedom of expression.

  • Community Notes is accessible worldwide, with contributors in 44 countries, and is fully open-source. X is already witnessing a significant impact—on average, people are 30% less likely to agree with the content of a post after reading a Community Note, and they are also less inclined to reshare it. All promoted posts, including those of a political nature, are eligible for Community Notes.

X’s efforts are ongoing. These increased investments in personnel, policy enhancements, and product development will further guarantee that its communities can access open, accurate, and secure political discourse on X.