Work Hard, Play Harder: A Night at the Rabatzz! indoor playground

In autumn, we headed off to conquer Hamburg's biggest indoor playground, "Rabatzz!". Usually, this place is dominated by children. On this particular over-18 evening, however, it was reserved for adults. We experienced an evening full of fun and action that we won't forget.

When we reached Rabatzz!, we were excited to dive back into the world of seemingly unlimited possibilities. The huge adventure playground was filled to the top with exciting attractions waiting for us to try them out. We could jump on XXL trampolines and face the enormous climbing maze, where it was then a case of climbing on quickly, crawling, wriggling, crawling, or hurtling down a spiral slide. Another highlight was the wild ride on the rodeo bull. Staying on the mechanical bull while it bucked wildly took skill and a good balance. Some colleagues took up the challenge enthusiastically and (much to the amusement of the surrounding esomies) tried to stay on the wild beast as long as possible. Of course, we also took the chance to race with the electric karts. We had thrilling duels on the mini racetrack and enjoyed every second of the competition. Client calls, campaign planning, or KPIs were forgotten that evening.

After all these and more exciting activities, we enjoyed the perfect end to the eventful evening at the cocktail bar. Cold drinks, relaxed conversations, and sharing experiences made for an exuberant atmosphere. Our sporting event under the motto “Work Hard, Play Harder!” at Rabatzz! was a complete success. Sharing unforgettable moments and growing together as a team are the aspects we take away from this evening. We can only recommend this team event to any other company!

Rabatzz! 1
Rabatzz! 2
Rabatzz! 3