quality assurance
for creatives

Get started with approved advertising creatives.

You want to start your next campaign and you know how to best address your target audience? Now you need to create the creatives for different platforms and don’t know what to do? What dimensions are needed for the different placements? What is the maximum file size? Will the ads work as desired? For these questions we have developed the Ad Inspector.

In-depth requirements testing.

Each social creative and open web banner has its own requirements. Our tool performs specific tests to ensure that all the requirements of each platform are met.

File type

The tool scans the file type and if it is acceptable for the particular placement.

Image size & aspect ratio

The Ad Inspector individually compares each advertising medium with the specifications of the platforms.

Recommended resolution


Does the advertising material have the required resolution? The tool scans ad creatives and provides feedback accordingly.

Banner loading without bugs

Hier prüft das Tool, ob der Banner technisch einwandfrei laden und angezeigt werden kann.

Clickability of the banner

The Ad Inspector checks the visibility on the Open Web and resulting clickability of the banner.

Click tracking verification

To ensure that clicks are registered safely, the tool checks the technical setup for tracking.

Technical testing of HTML5 banners

The Ad Inspector additionally enables detailed tests for HTML5 banners regarding display and technical functionality.

Efficiency and quality through precise test results.

Thanks to Ad Inspector, you can ensure that your creatives comply with the current standards of each platform. This saves you time when creating individual campaigns and reduces the risk of errors and incompatibilities before and during the runtime of your campaign.