Concept Day 2022

Striving to be better

September 15, 2022

“If you stop getting better, you stop being good.”

Following this quote by Philip Rosenthal and in accordance with one of our own corporate values “we stay better!”, we at esome are constantly looking for ways to improve and to embark on paths that not only further our offerings, but also reinforce our “one esome” spirit.

In February 2020, we had our first Innovation Day – a day and a half of creativity and teamwork with the aim of generating new ideas that positively complement our offering, our ways of working and our corporate culture. Away from daily business, the esome office became a place of inspiration where, in addition to generating ideas, it was also about spending time together. Since this format was not only incredibly fun and strengthened the cross-departmental team feeling, but also produced great results, an Innovation Day 2.0 was virtually a done deal.

Unfortunately, Corona put this format on forced hiatus shortly after its birth. But after two and a half years spent mainly in home office, the Innovation Day was to experience a resurrection – under the new name Concept Day. Themed “Client Handling & Experiences”, the aim was to develop concepts that support us in our daily work with clients and at the same time make their experience with us even more positive.

Our esomies submitted hurdles and obstacles they would like to tackle and after an internal committee made a shortlist, a total of five teams each chose a problem statement for which they intended to work out a concept. This process was accompanied by a group of internal experienced moderators who guided the teams through a Design Thinking “light” process.

The participants were free to decide whether they wanted to attend in person or preferred to work digitally. In the end, the majority decided to work on site – out of five groups, three came together in the Hamburg office, one in the Belgrade office and one digital team virtually. Five different ideas then saw the light of day:

  • A slide generator (interactive, internal tool) for easier bookable offers.
  • A shared online space for closer and improved direct client contact
  • A Salesforce process for optimized handling of booking changes
  • An all-in-one creative upload and submission tool for clients
  • An internal exchange hub for better linkage between our Client Facing Unit and the Product Department

Two of these ideas were selected to be further developed and implemented in the coming weeks. But the most important outcome of this day has not been the great concepts, but the time spent together and the social interaction in our true “esome spirit”.

And what makes us better as a company if not that?