Platform partnerships at esome

"We inspire and lift each other, we stay better, we speak up, and we shape the future” are our corporate values at esome. These values also define the way we manage our partnerships.

December 8, 2022

The opportunities for cultivating and maintaining partnerships are vast: Exchange of valuable knowledge, improvement of services, speed of innovation, and access to exclusive features, to name some of them.

We believe that trustful partnerships and good collaborations are fundamental for making better products and improving business outcomes. Together with our partners, we can combine client-centric consulting and scalable automation to solve specific challenges. In addition, we translate challenges into innovative and tailored campaign strategies with KPI-based outcomes.

Close and cooperative partnerships have also enabled esome to increase efficiency for media campaigns along the marketing funnel. Through our own media buying and application-focused technology, we have API access to many partners, including all relevant closed ecosystems, DSPs, data, and measurement. Thereby, we use a vast ocean of data signals to predict, optimize and validate outcome-based media campaigns.

All in all, these partnerships inspire us, lift us, and make us better, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners for shaping the future together with us.

Overview of the development of platform partnerships