Our personal highlights in 2022

What made 2022 unforgettable for us?

December 22, 2022

The year is coming to an end and therefore it’s time for a review. We asked our esomies for their personal esome highlight in 2022:

Aleksandra, Account Management

“Visiting Hamburg for the first time and meeting the colleagues for an unforgettable summer party was the highlight No.1. I look forward to having such highlights in upcoming years on a regular basis. Another highlight in 2022 was being part of the OKR team. I had a chance to participate in the full circle of defining the department’s OKRs, and it made me feel more involved in contributing to the company’s mission and vision.”

Katrin, Sales Steering

“Social Engagement Day – being able to spend the day in person with some colleagues and also together with my son – bringing both my families (work and private) together for a good cause, is there any better?”

Johannes, Sales

“Having a laugh with colleagues in real life is always a highlight. Besides that, the P7S1 summer party was a blast. I felt that we are one big company with many opportunities to come.”

Stefan, Management

“Participating in the Belgrade Business Run was a really nice experience. A solid combination of team-building, competition, and having a great time with colleagues that does not differ significantly from a great time you’d have with friends.”