Alumni Cocktail Party in Belgrade

Take Mohijto, Long Island Ice tea, or Blue Lagoon, mix it with current as well as former esomies, shake well, garnish with some tasty food, and you will end up with a great Alumni party.

In the spirit of bringing everyone together and celebrating the renovation of our Belgrade office, we sent out invites to a cocktail party. The setup was pretty simple: six recipes, two shakers, and all ingredients provided. Ultimately that led to people trying out new drinks, discovering so far unknown barkeeper skills, and served as conversation starters. Of course – the longer the evening lasted, the more adventurous the drinks and the stickier the floor.

As for any good party, the kitchen and the terrace were the main social spots. While the kitchen was used for drinks and the delicious (and luckily plenty!) food provided by catering, the terrace served multiple purposes.

Groups competed at the foosball table, played a match of table tennis, used the time to catch up, or connected new faces to the prementioned names.

Even though the cocktails were a highlight, the best part of the evening was people coming together, seeing how easily everyone seemed to pick up right where they left off and hearing familiar jokes between old teammates.

The evening was filled with fun conversations, laughter and memorable moments.

The atmosphere was relaxed and buzzing simultaneously, so the evening passed way too quickly, and unfortunately, there was not enough time to talk to everyone. However, many friendships had already been formed while the Alumni were still working at esome, and the bonds are still strong. Seeing how a company can unite people and create lifelong friendships is amazing.

This became very clear when questions regarding the favorite esome memory and the favorite thing about esome were asked during a meeting.

The answers mainly evolved around teams, friendships, and shared experiences over the past eight years of esome’s existence.

Around midnight, the last few party animals were sent home. However, another core memory at esome was formed that night, and we can’t wait for the next one.