Our pro bono campaign for an innovative cultural format

The emergence and success of a new format in the digital world are often uncertain and bring many challenges. The start of the cultural format WEILL@night from Dessau was similar: A project whose potential was completely unsure at the beginning. But with great artists and thanks to the support of strong partners like esome and the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the project grew and already made an important contribution to the music & and cultural scene.

Behind WEILL@night is a team of volunteers who support music artists and organize concerts, for example. They are involved in political discussions for fair conditions and sustainable funding for the music and culture industry.

The WEILL@night format emerged from the Kurt Weill Festival in Dessau and now brings a new dynamic to the music and culture scene: Good music combined with inspiring conversations. Renowned acts from the music world treat the audience to live music and engage with them. As a kind of “music talk show”, WEILL@night gives the artists a stage for their music as well as for their opinions and thoughts. The format is presented by the award-winning and internationally renowned pianist Joja Wendt. With Afrob, Diana Ezerex, Julius König, Nora Kudrjawizki, and MiA, he addresses the question “What is home?” in the first season of WEILL@night and illuminates the topic in its most diverse facets with wit and depth. The event was published as a multi-part series on YouTube.

For esome, WEILL@night represents an innovative idea we want to support with our marketing power. In this way, we can use our expertise not only commercially but also for a good cause within the framework of a non-profit action. Therefore, with the help of a pro bono campaign, we ensure that music enthusiasts become aware of the project and that the reach of the event series increases.

“We felt very comprehensively looked after and taken seriously at all times.“

Julia Wartmann, Managing Director of the project “local heroes” from Aktion Musik/ local heroes e.V.

The digital campaign is carried out by esome. For us, it is primarily about bringing the format to life via the right platforms – without focusing on the financial aspect. The focus is on increasing awareness and generating traffic via YouTube and Instagram. The targeting set-up is made up of users who show an interest in such music formats.

The results are impressive: The campaign, co-financed by funding, is hugely successful, delivers impressive KPIs, and generates positive reactions from the music scene. The increased reach leads to well-known acts taking notice of WEILL@night and wanting to be part of the next season.

“We had such great KPIs. The campaign has made the difference.

Katharina Markworth, Managing Director of the Kurt Weill Fest Dessau GmbH

Together with WEILL@night, esome can make a small contribution to the music and cultural scene in the digital world. For us, it is just as much of a success to see that we are creating community-added value that strengthens local cultural scenes and drives innovative visions.