Innovative AI updates for TikTok users and advertisers

There is exciting news for all TikTok enthusiasts and those looking to boost their advertising presence on the platform. TikTok is rolling out innovative updates to enhance the user experience and advertising opportunities on the popular social media platform.

July 7, 2023

TikTok is currently testing its AI chatbot called “Tako” in selected markets. This artificial intelligence-based feature will help TikTok users find and discover exciting content more easily. Tako will appear on the right side of the TikTok interface, just above the user’s profile and other important buttons for likes or comments. Users can ask Tako questions about the videos they are watching or even get recommendations for more content. This makes using TikTok an even more entertaining and informative experience.

In addition, TikTok has developed another exciting feature for advertisers using artificial intelligence: The AI-powered “Script Generator”. This free AI feature is available to all TikTok Creative Centre users with a TikTok for Business account. With the Script Generator, advertisers can create customized scripts in seconds. All that needs to be done is to enter basic information about the services or products offered, such as the product name, an item description, and relevant keywords. Then the desired length of the clip, either 15-30 seconds or 31-60 seconds, can be selected. Once all the information is entered, the Script Generator automatically generates different video scripts with interesting intros, engaging scenes, calls to action, and visual as well as audio elements. This feature offers advertisers an efficient way to create engaging TikTok advertising content and play it to the relevant target audience.

These innovative updates show that TikTok is committed to providing a premium experience for its users and advertisers. The introduction of the AI chatbot Tako allows the former to dive deeper into the fascinating world of TikTok. At the same time, the Script Generator helps advertisers to create unique advertising content in no time.

We are excited to see how TikTok will continue to surprise us with its innovative power in the future.