CommuniCon 2023 -full communication ahead

“How I would explain esome to your mother”

One week in July was dedicated to “external communication” in our offices in Hamburg and Belgrade. During our current OKR (Objectives and Key Results) cycle, we addressed making our external communication even more straightforward, emotional, and appropriate for the target audience.

To sustainably anchor all the results and materials created in various initiatives during this cycle throughout the entire team, we looked for an interactive format. The result was our first internal “CommuniCon” – a digital convention with many pop-cultural references and gamification approaches to make positioning, brand guide, and quality assurance understandable and tangible for everyone. Besides PowerPoint karaoke and informative sessions, the exchange between esomies and working with the new materials was essential.

With this internal convention, we could bring the topic into the entire company’s focus and thus ensure maximum attention. We are already looking forward to the future when it will be “Houston, I think we have a CommuniCon approaching.”