Coming together for an unforgettable school start

Collaborating with the "Hamburger Arche"

August is just around the corner, and for many children, it marks the beginning of an exciting phase in their lives: school starts -a milestone awaited with anticipation and excitement. On behalf of the Hamburger Arche, we had the opportunity to put together 30 school cones and fill them with small treats. They will now be handed over to families to surprise their first-graders.

Almost 20 esomies came together to participate in this project with great dedication. Each school cone became a unique work of art, with some esomies almost lost in the details. The idea of beaming faces on the first day of school motivated us immensely, and it was great to see how a simple concept could spread so much joy. Of course, what is hidden in the finished school cones remains a surprise.

Thanks to all who contributed with their commitment or a donation in advance and made this project possible. A big thank you also goes to the Hamburger Arche. Thanks to their extraordinary initiative, we had the chance to sweeten the start of school for some first graders.

We are looking forward to the following joint activities in October and December.

If you are interested in social commitment and would like to donate to the Hamburger Arche, you can find all the information here: