Who wins the esome cinnamon scepter?

Welcome to an extraordinary battle at esome: Cinnamon buns or Franzbrötchen - which pastry tastes better to the Hamburg esomies?

September 22, 2023

Whether apple pie, muffins, Gugelhupf, or cheesecake. When someone shows up at our office with homemade delicacies, hardly any esomies can resist.
One day, Patrik brought his cinnamon buns to the office. Since then, all remember Patrik’s homemade cinnamon buns as a legendary delicacy. But when Felix started raving about his homemade Franzbrötchen one day at lunch, we came up with the idea of a baking duel: Patrik vs. Felix – who bakes the most delicious cinnamon rolls and wins the esome cinnamon scepter?

Felix and Patrik, known for having a great sense of humor and not taking themselves too seriously, were ideal candidates for this epic battle. Working painstakingly by hand, the two kneaded, rolled, and baked their ultimate cinnamon pastry one day in September.

Together, the gifted bakers faced the critical taste buds of our esome testers. During the tasting, we learned in a humorous guessing game how the two got into baking and the secret of their recipes.

Who wins the esome cinnamon scepter?

For many esomies, it was already their second breakfast that day, but that didn’t seem to cloud their taste judgment. In a questionnaire, the testers could then rate the taste experience according to essential factors such as the cinnamon content or the consistency and choose their favorites. The evaluation of the survey was challenging. During the event, voices were raised that argued that the mixture of the rival pastry variants had to win. In the end, it was the cinnamon buns that emerged as the testers’ favorite. So the following week, we officially awarded the esome cinnamon scepter to our Cinnamon King Patrik, who proudly accepted it.

Zimt-Event 2
Patrik und Felix