A Magical St. Nicholas Day

December 15, 2023

The Christmas countdown is on, and this year, we seized the opportunity of St. Nicholas Day to spread a particularly festive atmosphere throughout our Hamburg office. Initially, all our team members had the chance to deposit a polished boot for St. Nicholas until just before December 6. Were the shoes filled? Were there sweet surprises or perhaps a special greeting? Of course: Our team enjoyed chocolate, clementines, and small wish vouchers in the morning.

We didn’t just use the day to exchange gifts among ourselves. In collaboration with Kita Waldspatzen, we organized a special Secret Santa activity: We received 30 small wish lists from the children, which we placed on our Christmas tree in the office. Our team members then selected a wish, individually or in groups, which will now be fulfilled for the little ones at Christmas.

As the crowning touch, our gathering was accompanied by homemade vegan waffles. A big thank you to everyone who participated.

We wish everyone a joyful holiday season!